Michal Murin

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Performance, conceptual and sound artist. Studied mathematic analysis and management at University of Economics in Bratislava (MA) and arts at Faculty of Fine Arts of Technical University in Brno (MA), then he continued his postgraduate studies at AFAD Bratislava (PhD. in Art). Started his artistic career as an autodidact in 1983 with manifestos 'Plays of the Plays'. Co-founded the group Balvan, Transmusic Comp, which introduced mixed-media, free improvisation and performance work in former Czechoslovakia. Was lecturing sound art, intermedia, new media, performance art at Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Is lecturing Faculty of Fine Arts at Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica and Faculty of Art in Kosice. Co-founded SNEH and WARPS society. Editor of Profil magazine. Lives in Bratislava.

http://www.radioart.sk/doc/ab/index.php?pager=part3 (2006)
Art's Birthday Party (2000)
Klavír v tvorbe Michala Murina, http://www.radioart.sk/doc/soundoff97/sneh_pages/hoteld.html