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BURUNDI datalab was an experimental laboratory project of BURUNDI. It organized projects, publications and research, and operated the library/mediatheque with publications, collection of CDroms and other media, digital databases and other forms of data existence, freely accessible to public.

Datalab worked mainly with data related to arts, science, and society. It served also as an experimental base for research and theory of new media culture and exchange infocentre - for local audience it brings information from abroad and for people abroad it provides information about activity in Slovakia.


weekly mailing list providing information about (cultural) events in Bratislava and the surrounding area (Slovakia, Vienna, Brno, Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Internet, etc.)

Shared Libraries
The Distributed Library Project share project joins the users to share the books and other materials.

Crossdisciplinary collaborative online research project using micronarratives to study phenomena in the age of disappearance.

The project about life in the city.