Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio

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Recording a composition for Warsaw Spring festival, 1987. From left: clarinetist Jozef Luptáčik, composer Jozef Malovec, sound engineers Robert Bartoš, Ján Bachstuber, and director Emil Nižňanský (standing). From the archive of Juraj Ďuriš.
Peter Janík and Juraj Ďuriš. From the archive of Juraj Ďuriš.

Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio in Bratislava was founded in 1965. Activities in the spheres of electroacoustic and computer music, dramatic and multimedia experiments. Disposes of its own dramaturgy, in order to produce independent experimental projects and regular broadcasts. Participates in presentations of contemporary art and in pedagogic and educational activities. Provides RadioART project. Director: Juraj Ďuriš.

Early compositions[edit]

65 Milionov (Zeljenka, 1961); Russiches Wunder (Dessau, 1962); Vzbura na ulici Sycamore (Berger, 1963)



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