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Goran Đorđević (Goran Djordjevic; 1950, Yugoslavia) is a former artist.

He graduated in electrical engineering in Belgrade and visual studies from MIT. From 1972, when he joined the SKC Gallery in Belgrade, an artists/art historians run space, he had been appearing in public and exhibiting until 1985. From 1979 onwards Đorđević realized a series of works based on copying, such as Short History of Art (1979/81) and Harbingers of Apocalypse (1981). He later helped to organize "The Last Futurist Show" by Kasimir Malevich (1985), Walter Benjamin's lecture: "Mondrian 1963-1996" (1986), and The International Exhibition of Modern Art (Armory Show) (1986).

Since 1985 he has not been active as an artist, except for a brief period (1988-91) as a member of the Amateur Art Society Jedinstvo [Unity] in Belgrade under the pseudonym Adrian Kovacs when he participated at exhibitions of the Society with his black-and-white self-portraits, still lives, and copies of Cézanne [1], but also at the exhibitions like the Moscow Portraits (Moderna Galerija, Zagreb, 1990; Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana, 1991); Jugoslovenska dokumenta (Sarajevo, 1989); The New Langton Arts, San Francisco, 1991; Slovenske Atene, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, 1991) [2].

From 1992-2014, he was a doorman (using any name but "Doorman") of the Salon de Fleurus, New York, a live reenactment of Gertrude Stein's Paris salon from the early 20th century, housing copies of her collection of modern art. Đorđević also collaborated on the project International Exhibition of Modern Art Presents Alfred Barr's Museum of Modern Art in New York that was part of the official selection of Serbia and Montenegro on the Venice Biennale in 2003. Since the opening of the Museum of American Art in Berlin (2004), he became its technical assistant (using any name but "Technical Assistant") responsible for external activities (temporary exhibitions, lectures, etc).


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