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Pierre Klossowski. Photo: Jean-Regis Rouston.

Pierre Klossowski (9 August 1905, Paris – 12 August 2001, Paris) was a novelist, visual artist, translator, philosopher, critic, and actor. He was born in Paris to parents of noble Polish origin; his younger brother, the painter Balthus, arrived three years later. Rainer Maria Rilke, his mother's lover, introduced the young Klossowski to André Gide, for whom he worked as a secre­ tary during the period of the composition of The Counterfeiters. Klossowski translated Holderlin in collaboration with the author Pierre Jean Jouve, joined Georges Bataille in both the review and secret society Acéphale, and flirted with entering a monastery during the years of World War II--an experience recounted and satirized in his first novel, The Suspended Vocation. In 1947, Klossowski married the Resistance member Marie-Roberte Morin-Sinclaire, who, lightly fictionalized, became the central figure in his trilogy of erotic-philosophical novels known under the collective title The Laws of Hospitality'.

Klossowski appeared in Robert Bresson's film Au hasard Balthazar, collaborated with the Chilean expatriate Raúl Ruiz on two films for television--including an adap­tation of The Suspended Vocation--and starred as his own character Octave in Pierre Zucca's film Roberte, which adapts scenes from the Laws of Hospitality novels.

Klossowski died at the age of ninety-six. (Source)



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Selected essays[edit]

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Book chapters, papers, statements[edit]

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