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Born September 16, 1962(1962-09-16)
Graz, Austria
Based in Graz (1962-85), Vienna (1985-2017), London (1997-?)
Died February 23, 2017(2017-02-23) (aged 54)
Vienna, Austria
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Armin Medosch (1962, Graz - 2017, Vienna) was an artist, curator, theorist and critic. He worked in media culture, wireless networks, online communities, and art and technopolitics. Medosch wrote a book on the international art and technology movement New Tendencies (2016). He received PhD in arts and computational technology from the Goldsmiths London (2012).

Armin Medosch studied German literature and philosophy at Graz University (1982-1985) and theatre direction at the Academy for Music and Drama, Graz (1982-1985). In 1985 moved to Vienna. 1986 founded Radio Subcom art group and 1989-1992 participated at art festivals (Ars Electronica), warehouse-parties, VJing. Worked as a journalist for ORF, Radio Ö1.

1992-1994 co-founded STUBNITZ Kunst-Raum-Schiff, Rostock, and curated and organised exhibitions and symposia in Rostock, Hamburg, Malmö and St.Petersburg (Jul-Sep 1994). With Stefan Iglhaut and Florian Rötzer, he curated Telepolis (Luxembourg, 1995), an exhibition and symposium about the interactive and networked city.

From 1996-2002 he was co-editor of Telepolis: The Magazine of Netculture (founded together with Florian Rötzer). With Telepolis he won the European Online Journalism Award 2000 for investigative reporting and the Grimme Online Award 2002 for media journalism.

From 1997 he was based in London. There he co-initiated the monthly Cybersalon events, joint the University of Openess, a self-learning institution, and organised Art Servers Unlimited conference (with Manu Luksch, 1998). He was associate senior lecturer at the MA course on Interactive Digital Media at Ravensbourne College, London (2002-07).

Together with Yukiko Shikata and Shu Lea Cheang, Medosch curated the research-activist project Kingdom of Piracy (<KOP>, 2001-06) [1]. The initiative produced DIVE - collaborative tools for online communities (2003), a printed catalogue and CD with texts, art projects and software. With <KOP> and xxxxx he organised Plenum as a novel event format (2006).

In 2002 he co-organised "BerLon" - Berlin/London wireless community networking workshop in bootlab, Berlin. In 2004 he held a NinePin research residency by Scan Network in the South West of England, investigating real and virtual ports and their role as cultural socio-economic hubs of transmission, gatekeeping and control with the Ports project.

Medosch curated the exhibitions Waves (Riga, 2006; Dortmund, 2008) and Fields (Riga, 2014), and convened the conferences Goodbye Privacy (Ars Electronica, 2007) and Creative Cities (Vienna, 2009).

In 2009 Medosch founded the Technopolitics working group together with Brian Holmes. Since 2011, the group has been regularly hosting talks and workshops with invited guests in Vienna, growing to comprise about 10 core members and 30 contributors (artists, theoreticians, curators, journalists) as of 2015. They launched the project Tracing Information Society resulting in a Technopolitics Timeline, first displayed in the exhibition Social Glitch: Radical Aesthetics and the Consequences of Extreme Events at Kunst Raum Niederösterreich (2015) [2] [3], later at MAK Vienna (2016), nGbK Berlin (2017) and elsewhere.

He was a regular speaker at international conferences on digital culture and frequently involved in organising and curating conferences. He contributed articles and essays to many books, catalogues, magazines and newspapers.


Freie Netze, 2004, Log, PDF.
New Tendencies, 2016, Log, HTML.


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Book chapters, papers, essays[edit]

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