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Tulipomnania DotCom conference intended to develop an informed critique of the politics of electronic finance and internet economics. Held on 2-3 June 2000 in Amsterdam and 4 June 2000 in Frankfurt.

Concept: Geert Lovink. Editorial team: Ted Byfield (New York), Menno Hurenkamp (De Balie), Andreas Kallfelz (Frankfurt), Eric Kluitenberg (De Balie), Geert Lovink. Produced by De Balie (Amsterdam) and Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt).

Themes: The New Economy: Premises and Pitfalls; Silicon Valley as a Global Business Model; A Critical Assessment of Alternative Strategies; Inclusion and Exclusion in the New Economy; Consumer Rights in the New Economy; Nettocracy: A Class Analysis of the Information Society; Convergence, Mergers and Monopolies.