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Eric Kluitenberg (1965) is a theorist, writer, educator, and advisor working at the intersection of culture, media, and technology. He was head of the media and technology program of De Balie, Centre for Culture and Politics in Amsterdam (1999-2011). He taught theory of interactive media and technological culture for a variety of academic institutions, including the University of Amsterdam (Culture and New Media course), the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, Academy Minerva Postgraduate Studies in Groningen, and he was a scientific staff member of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. He teaches media and cultural theory at the Art Science Interfaculty in The Hague.

Since 1988 he has been involved as an organiser in important media culture events such as the Second International Symposium on Electronic Art (SISEA) (Groningen, 1990), Interstanding I, II, & III (Tallinn, Estonia, 1995/96/97), The P2P - New Media Culture in Europe conference (Amsterdam/Rotterdam, 1997), Tulipomania DotCom - A Critique of the New Economy (Amsterdam/Frankfurt, 2000), net.congestion - International Festival of Streaming Media (Amsterdam, 2000), the third Next 5 Minutes conference on tactical media (Amsterdam/Rotterdam, 1999), Dutch / Russian project Debates & Credits - Media Art in the Public Domain (Moscow/Amsterdam/Ekaterinburg, 2002), the Amsterdam edition of World-Information.Org (2002), the fourth edition of the Next 5 Minutes tactical media festival (Amsterdam, 2003), the mini-festival An Archaeology of Imaginary Media (Amsterdam, 2004), and the ElectroSmog Festival for Sustainable Immobility (2010).

He was project leader for the practice based research trajectory The Living Archive at De Balie (2004-2010). In 2013 he was a research fellow at the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Currently he is Editor in Chief of the Tactical Media Files, an on-line documentation resource for tactical media.


Books and magazines
  • editor, with Tatiana Goryucheva, Debates & Credits - Media / Art / Public Domain, Amsterdam: De Balie, 2003.
  • editor, The Book of Imaginary Media: Excavating the Dream of the Ultimate Communication Medium, Rotterdam: NAi, with Amsterdam: De Balie, 2006. [1]
  • editor, Open 11: "Hybrid Space: How Wireless Media Mobilize Public Space"], Rotterdam: NAi, with Amsterdam: SKOR, Nov 2006, PDF. With CD.
  • Delusive Spaces. Essays on Culture, Media and Technology, Rotterdam: NAi, with Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2007, 250 pp. [2]
  • Legacies of Tactical Media: The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir, Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2011, 57 pp.
  • editor, Open 21: "(Im)Mobility", Rotterdam: NAi, and Amsterdam: SKOR, May 2011, 171 pp, PDF.
  • editor, with Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, Techno-Ecologies: Inhabiting the Deep Technological Spheres of Everyday Life. Acoustic Space #11, Riga: RIXC, and Liepaja: MPLab of Liepaja University, 2013. [3]
  • editor, with David Garcia, Tactical Media Anthology, MIT Press, forthcoming 2017. [4]
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