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'''Past events''': [[NODE10]] conference (2010), [[Tulipomania DotCom]] conference (2000).<br>
'''Initiatives''': [[NODE]].
more: http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/home/dasSeminar/Ffm-Salons01.php
'''Festivals''': [[NODE - Forum for Digital Arts]] (*2008).<br>
'''Past events''': [[Tulipomania DotCom]] conference (2000).<br>
more: [http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/frankfurt/salons]
'''Media''': [[The Thing Frankfurt]] (*1992).
'''Media''': [[The Thing Frankfurt]] (*1992).
'''Spaces''': http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/offspaces/
'''Spaces''': [http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/offspaces/]
'''Art workers''': [[David Brüll]], [[Hartmut Winkler]], [[Kalle Karlen]] (1967), [[Verena Kuni]], [[Ulrich Lang]] (1968).<br>
'''Art workers''': [[David Brüll]], [[Hartmut Winkler]], [[Kalle Karlen]] (1967), [[Lasse-Marc Riek]], [[Verena Kuni]], [[Ulrich Lang]] (1968).<br>
more: http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/people/whoiswho/
more: [http://www.thing-frankfurt.de/people/whoiswho/]

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Initiatives: NODE.

Festivals: NODE - Forum for Digital Arts (*2008).
Past events: Tulipomania DotCom conference (2000).
more: [1]

Media: The Thing Frankfurt (*1992).

Spaces: [2]

Art workers: David Brüll, Hartmut Winkler, Kalle Karlen (1967), Lasse-Marc Riek, Verena Kuni, Ulrich Lang (1968).
more: [3]

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