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'''Academy programs''': [[Pôle art/media HEAD Geneva|Pôle art/media HEAD]] (*2003), [[immediat]] (*2004), [[pôle CCC]] (*1997).
'''Academy programs''': [[Pôle art/media HEAD Geneva|Pôle art/media HEAD]] (*2003), [[immediat]] (*2004), [[pôle CCC]] (*1997).
'''Art workers''': [[André Iten]], [[Alexandre Joly]], [[Hervé Graumann]] (1963), [[Nathalie Novarina]] (1967), [[Simon Lamunière]].
'''Art workers''': [[Alexandre Joly]], [[André Iten]], [[Annelore Schneider]] (1979), [[Claude Piguet]] (1977), [[Hervé Graumann]] (1963), [[Nathalie Novarina]] (1967), [[Simon Lamunière]], [[Swann Thommen]] (1979).

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Initiatives: Audioactivity (2000), Collectif Fact, Loopmatic, N3krozoft Ltd, Zonoff.

Festivals: Version (*1994), Mapping Festival (*2005).
Events: WSIS? We Seize! (2003), dorkbotswiss (*2006).

Spaces: Centre pour l'image Contemporaine, Forde, Duplex.

Media: basic.ch (*1998)

Academy programs: Pôle art/media HEAD (*2003), immediat (*2004), pôle CCC (*1997).

Art workers: Alexandre Joly, André Iten, Annelore Schneider (1979), Claude Piguet (1977), Hervé Graumann (1963), Nathalie Novarina (1967), Simon Lamunière, Swann Thommen (1979).

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Amsterdam, Bergen, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, London, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb