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The publication authored by Oleg Kireev and published by Ultra.Culture, Moscow-Yekaterinburg, in 2006.

It introduces to the Russian audience topics of tactical media and communicates experience of groups and movements, such as telestreet, Paper Tiger TV, Digital City, The Yes Men, Kein Mensch ist illegal, Critical Art Ensemble; experiences of flashmob, culture jamming, campaigning. It also digs into the history of pirate radios, videoactivism and free software movement. Specifically to Russia, it investigates topics of political technologies (as used in political campaigns and media), and traces the domestic history of free communication in samizdat.

Five translated articles appear in the appendix: David Garcia's and Geert Lovink's "ABC of tactical media", Matteo Pasquinelli's "Urban Television Manifesto", "On the use of tactical media in the orange revolution" (by the Ukrainian portal Zaraz. org), Geert Lovink's "Theory of mixing" and Konrad Becker's "Freedom of expression and new technologies".

To confirm its status of publication free of commercial and copyright claims and restrictions, the web-version of the book was created:

Free download: