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Bachor was a pataphysical samizdat zine published in Slovak by the Spoločnost pre Pestovanie a Šírenie Patafyziky na Slovensku a Iných Svetoch (SpPaŠ PnSaIS, 1988-93) [Society for Pataphysics in Slovakia and Other Worlds], a collective initiated in Trnava by Ján Karásek and Peter Volek, soon joined by Ivan Kazimír, Ivan Krajčo, Pavol Pecha and Michal Murin. Six numbers were produced between early 1988 and mid-1990, each xeroxed in about two dozens copies.


Bachor 0. PDF.
Bachor 1. PDF.
Bachor 2. PDF.
Bachor 3. PDF.
Bachor 4. PDF.
Bachor 5. PDF.
Special issues and editions
Bachor Špeciál: Boris Vian. PDF.
Pero le kvet, Hodinky s vodotryskom. PDF.
Pero le kvet, Bachor 5. PDF.