Saşa Pană

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Saşa Pană
Born June 22, 1902(1902-06-22)
Died August 22, 1981(1981-08-22) (aged 79)

Saşa Pană, born Alexandru Binder (8 August 1902 — 22 August 1981) was a Romanian avant-garde poet, novelist, and short story writer.

Born to a Jewish family in Bucharest, he had been trained as a physician in Iaşi and Bucharest, becoming a qualified combat medic in 1927. In 1925, after publishing several Symbolism-inspired poems under the title Răbojul unui muritor [A Mortal's Tally] he was attracted by the Dada movement. Pană financed and edited the 1928 avant-garde magazine named unu and a publishing house with the same name. Many of Pană's writings were combined with drawings by notable artists such as M. H. Maxy, Man Ray, Victor Brauner, Pablo Picasso, and Marcel Janco.


  • Saşa Pană (editor), Antologia Literaturii române de avangardă: şi cîteva desene din epocă, Editura pentru literatură, 1969, 582 pages
  • Născut în '02 [Born in '02], 1973.

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