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[[kuda.org]] Center for New Media in [[Novi Sad]]<br>
[[kuda.org]] Center for New Media in [[Novi Sad]]<br>
[[Ljudmila]] in [[Ľubľana]]<br>
[[Ljudmila]] in [[Ľubľana]]<br>
[[maf]] media art farm in [[Tbilisi]]<br>
[[MAMA]] Multimedia institute in [[Zagreb]]<br>
[[MAMA]] Multimedia institute in [[Zagreb]]<br>
[[RIXC]] Electronic Art and Media Center in [[Riga]]<br>
[[RIXC]] Electronic Art and Media Center in [[Riga]]<br>

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Welcome to Monoskop, the research-in-progress wiki exploring central and eastern European (CE+EE) digital territory. Exploring the Slavic 1's and 0's online!

The project resonates within the geography of CE+EE, the ideology of digital media and projects, and enjoys the existence of the centers of digital life in the unrestful area of the Slavic aura.

CE+EE site-specific phenomena are of the highest interest in Monoskop. Local, unique, unrepeatable.

In the age of mobility, when the audience, public, author, original are of no usage anymore, the nomads use digital media. No tak, slovanská duša, connect, commune, collaborate, contribute! Detour the nods of the home-is-where-my-harddisk-is travellers, strangers, outcasts. Share the digital landscape you experience.

Monoskop is neither a database, nor an overview, manual, reference guide, collection, nor a pexeso, rather an unstable ground, a pact of dissonance, shaking the axis of CE+EE digital everyday.

New media centres, labs, and other brick activismo hubs

BURUNDI datalab studio displej press in Bratislava
Eeste in Tallin
Interspace New Media Art Centre in Sofia
kuda.org Center for New Media in Novi Sad
Ljudmila in Ľubľana
maf media art farm in Tbilisi
MAMA Multimedia institute in Zagreb
RIXC Electronic Art and Media Center in Riga
Tranzit in Bucuresti
WRO in Wroclaw

In the recent memories: Buryzone in Bratislava, Radio Jeleni in Prague.

Digital / mobile / online projects, lands, and communities

34.sk an accelerated culture server, 3/4 revue an accelerated culture magazine published in Bratislava.


Datatransfer festival in Prague, Digitopia music sessions in Bratislava, Multiplace new media culture festival in Bratislava, Next music festival in Bratislava, Ultrasound music festival in Budapest and Szeged, Wilsonic advanced music festival in Bratislava, X-Peripheria experimental music festival in Budapest.

One-time events

Digital.ZOOO festival in Prague, FMedia in Prague, Trans_european Picnic in Novi Sad.


There is no language prohibited here. Speak your own's, your neighbour's one! Teach others, others learn fast.


Monoskop is a WikiWiki, which means that anyone can easily edit any unprotected article and have those changes posted immediately. Before editing the pages consider neutral point of view attitude. Learn how to edit pages. Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.