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Society for Non-conventional Music founded in January 1990 as a part of Music Association by Milan Adamčiak, Peter Machajdik, Michal Murin. In 1990 organised Convergences festival, in 1991-1992 FIT - Festival of intermedia creativity, in 1991 co-organised San Francisco Performance Art Festival, in 1993-1994 cycle Musicsolarium, and individual concerts (Richard Tietelbaum, Hugh Davies, Phil Niblock, Jon Rose, Nicolas Collins, Phil Minton..). In 1995-2003 organised Sound Off music festival. Since 1995 published a number of publications (Avalanches 1990-1995, ed. by Michal Murin, edition G.L.A.C.I.E.S. (J. Cage, M. Feldman: Radio Happenings I – V., K Langerová: Genesis of an art sense).

Besides other artists invited to Bratislava Richard Teitelbaum (performance at the Rock Fabrik club in June 1992), Phil Niblock (performance and installation at the Evenings of New Music on June 1993).

President: Milan Adamčiak (1990 - November 1993), Michal Murin (since November 1993).
Members: Milan Adamčiak, Peter Machajdík (in 1992 left to Berlin), Michal Murin, Peter Horváth, Olga Smetanová, Peter Martinček, Peter Cón, Zbyněk Prokop, Jozef Cseres .
Group Members: Balvan (1987 - 92), Transmusic comp. (1989-96)
Piano Hotel Sound Off 1997, (Slovak)