FIT - Festival of intermedia creativity

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Catalogue, 1991, Log, PDF.

The FIT - Festival of intermedia creativity was organised by SNEH from 4-10 March 1991 at the Klarisky Church, Slovak National Gallery and MKS Prepoštská in Bratislava. The second (and last) edition was held from 30 April - 2 May 1992 in Bratislava as part of the event Bazén (on abstract visual art). Director: Milan Adamčiak.

1991's festival was held with the support of Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic, and organised in collaboration with Slovak National Gallery, MKS Bratislava and Slovak Music Association.

1991 programme
1992 programme
  • performances by Austrian free-jazz trio Ohmnibus (Wolf Eiselsberg, Richard Klammer, Martin Wallner), Milan Kozelka, Juraj Bartusz with students of his Free Creativity Atelier AFAD, Moravian group Florian (Petr Kvíčala, Milan Magni, Marian Palla), Nová vážnosť (Milan Adamčiak, Július Koller, Peter Rónai), Transmusic comp. (Milan Adamčiak, Peter Cón), theatre A Dato (Bratislava), and others