Jozef Cseres

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Born Nové Zámky, Slovakia
Based in Brno, Czech Republic

Born 1961 in Nové Zámky in Slovakia. He is well known as a tutor of aesthetics and philosophy of music and visual arts at Comenius University in Bratislava, Music Academy in Banská Bystica and Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Cseres is an active multimedia artist, musicologist and conceptualist.

He is the author of many articles, essays and translations and two books. In book with the title Hudobné simulakrá [Music simulacra] Cseres deals with the "era of babylonisation of musical universe" – with the position of different types of music in the postmodern age of new technologies and aggressiveness of simulacries created by massmedia. The book called Hermes' Ear is unconventionally conceived, bilingual (Czech / English) publication, issued to the international exhibition project Hermes ear / Rosenberg Museum.

Political changes in late 1980s in Czechoslovakia triggered the activities in sound art, music and audiovision. In January 1990 in Bratislava, Milan Adamčiak, a Slovak artist and musicologist, with Cseres and others founded the organization SNEH (Society for Non-conventional Music). The aim of SNEH was to document the intermedia scene in Slovakia, to present and confront it in the domestic and foreign environments. SNEH also organised a alternative music festival Sound Off (1995 - 2002) which was founded by Cseres and Michal Murin.

In the mid-1990s he also collaborated with many art personalities in Czech Republic (David Šubík, Zdeněk Plachý, Marian Palla, Miloš Štědroň etc.) on creating a centre of experimental culture in Brno, Sklenená louka.

During the visit of John Cage in 1992 in Bratislava Cseres organized a spectacular exhibition Hommage à John Cage that showed the influence of Cage's ideas on the Czech and Slovak artists.

In 1997 he became a director of Rosenberg Museum in Violin (Slovakia), established upon Jon Rose's concept. The foundations of the Rosenberg Museum are a mixture of history and factuality with fiction, art world-making, game and humor.

Since 1999 he is an editorial board member of prestigeous art magazine Hungarian Workshop.

In 1997 he started a collaboration with Michal Murin as Lengow & HEyeRMEarS, in which they play with the language, context and reinterpretation, collages and medial manipulation and camuflation. In 2000 they found together K2IC in Nové Zámky, a civic association with the goal to oversee and link together the non-profit activities in the field of intermedial creativity. There he organised series of concerts Not So Good Music.

Cseres is part of Duo Rozpěti, with Marian Palla.

He also runs a publishing house called HeyeRMEarS/Discorbie focused on non-traditional music.

Currently he lives and works in Brno.