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Society for Non-conventional Music founded in January 1990 as a part of Music Association by Adamčiak, Machajdik, Murin. In 1990 organised Convergences festival, in 1991 FIT - Festival of intermedia creativity and co-organised San Francisco Performance Art Festival, in 1992 Pool, in 1993-1994 cycle Musicsolarium, and individual concerts (Richard Tietelbaum, Hugh Davies, Phil Niblock, Jon Rose, Nicolas Collins, Phil Minton..). In 1995-2003 organised Sound Off music festival. Since 1995 published a number of publications (Avalanches 1990-1995, ed. by Michal Murin, edition G.L.A.C.I.E.S. (J Cage + M Feldman: Radio Happenings I – V., K Langerová: Genesis of an art sense).

President: Milan Adamčiak (1990 - November 1993), Michal Murin (since November 1993).
Members: Milan Adamčiak, Peter Machajdík (in 1992 left to Berlin), Michal Murin, Peter Horváth, Olga Smetanová, Peter Martinček, Peter Cón, Zbynek Prokop, Jozef Cseres (since mid-90s).
Group Members: Balvan (1987 - 92), Transmusic comp. (1989-96)
Piano Hotel Sound Off 1997, (Slovak)