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SuperCollider is a software for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition.

Highly customisable and efficient audio programming language originally written by James McCartney. It's maintained by a host of developers as an open source project, and is free and cross platform, running on OS X, Linux and Windows. SuperCollider was built for live music, for network music, for algorithmic music, and for use in art installations. All sound synthesis and interaction runs in realtime.


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Tutorials and books

  • Stephen Pope, Sound and Music Processing in SuperCollider, The SuperCollider Tutorial Book, 136 pages. [2], [3]
  • Alberto de Campo and Stephen Pope, Supercollider 2.0 tutorial. [4]
  • Scott Wilson, David Cottle, Nick Collins (eds.), The SuperCollider Book, MIT Press, April 2011. [5]

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