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Miško (Miodrag) Šuvaković (1954, Belgrade) is a theorist, aesthetician, artist, curator, and professor of theory of art, culture, and aesthetics.

He is a co-founder and member of the conceptual art collective Group 143 (1975-80), as well as the "Community for Space Investigation" (1982-89). Since 1988 he is a member of the Slovenian Aesthetic Society. In 1993, he received a PhD degree with the thesis Analytical Philosophy and Visual Art (Faculty of Visual Art, University of Arts, Belgrade). He is a Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Art at the Faculty of Music, Belgrade, and since 2002 he also teaches Theory of Art and Theory of Culture at the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University. He has published over 30 books.

His research interests are 20th and 21st century art, art theory and philosophy. He wrote or collaborated on a number of books, book chapters and articles, which have been published in Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, German, Hungarian, Chinese and English languages. Besides writing about art and teaching, he has been active as a curator of exhibitions on contemporary art since 1979. He conceptualised or collaborated on conceptions for exhibitions shown in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia and he wrote one book on curation. (Source)



  • co-editor, Katalog 143, Belgrade, 1975-1978.
  • co-editor, Mentalni prostor, 4 issues, Belgrade, 1982-1987.
  • co-editor, Transkat­alog, Novi Sad, 1995-1998.
  • co-editor, Teorija koja Hoda/TkH/Walking Theory, Belgrade, 2001ff.
  • co-editor, Razlika/Differance, Tuzla, 2002.
  • co-editor, Anomalija, Novi Sad, 2004.
  • co-editor, Sarajevske sveske, Sarajevo/Zagreb/Ljubljana/Belgrade/Skopje, 2006.



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