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The Situationist Times was an international, English-language periodical created and edited by Jacqueline de Jong, of which six issues were published between 1962 and 1967. A radical compendium using such Situationist tactics as détournement and a printed form of dérive, the journal included essays, artwork, found images, and quotations concerned with such issues as topology, politics, and spectacle culture. [1]

De Jong, a Dutch artist and graphic designer, joined the Situationist movement in 1960, and quickly assumed a position within the Central Committee. De Jong was determined to make "a completely free magazine, based on the most creative of the Situationist ideas," and in 1962 she began The Situationist Times, a broad representation of a movement that had already become divided into the political and the aesthetic.

The magazine was initially printed offset on thick colored paper, eventually shifting to full color lithography. Contributors include artists Asger Jorn, Gruppe SPUR, and ‪Pierre Alechinsk‬y, architect Aldo van Eyck, astrophysicist Fred Hoyle, mathematician Walter Eitzmann, musical composer Peter Schat, a.o.

Starting in 1962 there were six issues of The Situationist Times published in in Hengelo (Netherlands), Copenhagen and Paris before the student uprisings of May '68, leaving a 7th issue compiled but unpublished. The first two were co-edited with the French pataphysician Noël Arnaud. The issues 1-3 appeared in an edition of 1000; thereafter expanding to 2000.


The Situationist Times 1, Hengelo (May 1962).
PDF (12 mb). Video.
The Situationist Times 2, Hengelo (Sep 1962).
PDF (14 mb). Video.
The Situationist Times 3: "International British Edition", Hengelo (Jan 1963).
PDF (16 mb). Video.
The Situationist Times 4: "Labyrynth issue", Copenhagen (Oct 1963).
PDF (33 mb). Video.
The Situationist Times 5: "Rings and Chains", Copenhagen (Dec 1964).
PDF (47 mb). Video.
The Situationist Times 6: "International Parisian Edition", Paris (Dec 1967).
PDF (6 mb). Video.

The above PDFs were produced as part of These are Situationist Times, an exhibition, digitization, and publication project developed by Torpedo (Oslo) and Ellef Prestsæter in collaboration with Jacqueline de Jong, Malmö Konsthall, and Museum Jorn. The accompanying website developed by the Scandinavian Institute for Computational Vandalism in 2019 contains Jacqueline de Jong's history of the magazine’s creation in a series of video clips. More about the project.

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