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tape culture


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  • Tellus, 27 editions, eds. Joseph Nechvatal, Claudia Gould, and Carol Parkinson, New York, 1983-1993. Audio cassette magazine; published bimonthly.
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Community and Resources[edit]



  • Robin James, Cassette Mythos, Autonomedia, 1990, 206 pp. [3] [4] [5] Accompanying CD in MP3
  • Charles Hirschkind, The Ethical Soundscape: Cassette Sermons and Islamic Counterpublics, Columbia University Press, 2006, 288 pp. [6]
  • Thomas Bey William Bailey, Unofficial Release: Self-Released And Handmade Audio In Post-Industrial Society, Belsona Books Ltd., 2012.
Articles, theses, papers
Documentary films
  • Grindstone Redux, dir. Andrew Szava-Kovats, 2009, 60 min. On the underground music scene of the 1980s. IMDB.
  • Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape, dir. Zack Taylor, Georg Petzold, and Seth Smoot, 2016, 92 min. Trailer. [7]. IMDB.

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