Audio Arts (1973-2006)

6 May 2010, dusan

“The audio cassette-magazine Audio Arts was established by Bill Furlong in 1973. Edited and produced by Furlong, it comprises an integral element of his art practice.

The idea of Audio Arts arose out of conversations between two young artists, William Furlong and Barry Barker, in the early 1970s. Its publication was a part of the conceptual experimentation taking place within the contemporary art of the time.

Since its inception in 1972, Audio Arts has grown to become a comprehensive and coherently focused sound archive of artists’ voices as well as sound art. The cassette-magazine has been in continuous and regular publication for thirty-five years, with over twenty-five volumes of four issues each.

A small part of the Audio Arts archive is shown for the first time. Four hours of recorded clips can be accessed online, or in Tate gallery via headphones.”

Exhibition (Tate, 2007)
Article about Furlong (Randy Kennedy)
Speaking of Art book (contains 50 selected interviews)

Listen (on Tate website)

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