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'''Initiatives''': [[Cyland]], [[Pro Arte]].
'''Initiatives''': [[Cyland]], [[Pro Arte]], [[Smolny College]].
'''Festivals''': [[Izolenta]] digital film festival.
'''Festivals''': [[Cyberfest]] (*2007) cyber art festival, [[Electro-Mechanica]] electronic art festival (*2006), [[Izolenta]] digital film festival.<br>
'''Past festivals''': [[Outvideo]] (2006), [[Cine Fantom]] festival (*1987).
'''Spaces''': [[Cyland]] medialab, [[ESG 21]] sound gallery.
'''Spaces''': [[Pushkinskaya-10]] art centre, [[Gallery 21]], [[Cyber-Femin-Club]], [[GEZ-21]] sound gallery (*2002), [[Philosophy Café]] (*2003), [[Cyland]] medialab.<br>
'''Past spaces''': [[Techno-Art-Centre]] (1994-2002).<br>
more: [http://en.p-10.ru/guide/]
'''Art workers''': [[Alla Mitrofanova]], [[Olga Suslova]].
'''Art workers''': [[Alla Mitrofanova]], [[Evgeny Kondratyev]], [[Evgeny Ufit]], [[Olga Kisseleva]] (1965), [[Olga Suslova]], [[Valeri Savchuk]].

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Initiatives: Cyland, Pro Arte, Smolny College.

Festivals: Cyberfest (*2007) cyber art festival, Electro-Mechanica electronic art festival (*2006), Izolenta digital film festival.
Past festivals: Outvideo (2006), Cine Fantom festival (*1987).

Spaces: Pushkinskaya-10 art centre, Gallery 21, Cyber-Femin-Club, GEZ-21 sound gallery (*2002), Philosophy Café (*2003), Cyland medialab.
Past spaces: Techno-Art-Centre (1994-2002).
more: [1]

Art workers: Alla Mitrofanova, Evgeny Kondratyev, Evgeny Ufit, Olga Kisseleva (1965), Olga Suslova, Valeri Savchuk.

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