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'''Past festivals''': [[MAD03]] (2003).<br>
'''Initiatives''': [[C.A.S.I.T.A.]], [[Cine sin Autor]], [[Las Lindes]] (*2009), [[Subtramas]], [[Traficantes de Sueños]] (*1995).
'''Past events''': [[Art Tech Media 06]] (2006).
'''Spaces''': [[Medialab Madrid]] (*2002).
'''Festivals''': [[Madatac]] (2009).<br>
'''Past festivals''': [[MAD03]] (2003), [[Cibervision]] (2002).<br>
'''Events''': [[Dorkbot Madrid]] (*2004).<br>
'''Past events''': [[Libre Graphics Meeting]] (2013), [[Computational Creativity]] workshops (2004, 2008), [[Art Tech Media 06]] (2006), [[theblackbox]]@arco (2006), [[Banquete]] (2003, 2005), [[net.space]]@arco (2000), [[Cibervision 99]] (1999), [[Arco Electrónico]] (1997-99).
'''Art workers''': [[Eva Moraga]] (1970), [[Francisca Blanco]], [[Karin Ohlenschläger]], [[Laura Fernández]], [[Luis Rico]], [[Marcos García]], [[Sonia Díez Thale]].
'''Spaces''': [http://ca2m.org/en/ Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M)] museum (*2008), [[e35]], [[Intermediae]], [[Medialab Prado]], [[Medialab Madrid]] (*2002).
'''Art workers''': [[Amaia Castro]], [[Eva Moraga]] (1970), [[Francisca Blanco]], [[Jara Rocha]], [[Karin Ohlenschläger]], [[Laura Fernández]], [[Luis Rico]], [[Marcos García]], [[Sonia Díez Thale]].

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Initiatives: C.A.S.I.T.A., Cine sin Autor, Las Lindes (*2009), Subtramas, Traficantes de Sueños (*1995).

Festivals: Madatac (2009).
Past festivals: MAD03 (2003), Cibervision (2002).
Events: Dorkbot Madrid (*2004).
Past events: Libre Graphics Meeting (2013), Computational Creativity workshops (2004, 2008), Art Tech Media 06 (2006), theblackbox@arco (2006), Banquete (2003, 2005), net.space@arco (2000), Cibervision 99 (1999), Arco Electrónico (1997-99).

Spaces: Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M) museum (*2008), e35, Intermediae, Medialab Prado, Medialab Madrid (*2002).

Art workers: Amaia Castro, Eva Moraga (1970), Francisca Blanco, Jara Rocha, Karin Ohlenschläger, Laura Fernández, Luis Rico, Marcos García, Sonia Díez Thale.

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