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Event listings: Nonsense NYC, Screen Slate, The Skint.

Spaces: ABC No Rio (*1980), Anthology Film Archives (*1970), Art in General (*1981), Artists Space (*1972), Babycastles (*2009), BHQFU artist-run school (*2010), Bitforms gallery (*2001), Bluestockings bookstore cafe and activist center (*1999), Cabinet, CUE Art Foundation (*2002), The Current Museum of Art (*2016), Danspace Project (*1974), The Drawing Center museum (*1977), EFA Project Space arts venue (*2008), e-flux, Electronic Arts Intermix (*1971), Elsewhere live music venue, nightclub and arts space (*2014), Flux Factory (*1993), Franklin Furnace (*1976), The Free Black Women's Library (*2015), Genspace community biolab (*2009), Gowanus Studio Space cooperative workspace (*2007), happylucky no.1 space for art and music (*2015), Harvestworks, Industry City (*2009), Interference Archive (*2011), The Invisible Dog Art Center (*2009), Issue Project Room performance venue (*2003), The Kitchen (*1971), Knockdown Center art center and performance space (*2012), Light Industry film and electronic art venue (*2008), Metrograph movie theatre (*2015), No-Space (*2004), Participant Inc alternative art space (*2001), Performance Space New York (*1980/2018), Pioneer Works culture centre (*2014), Prime Produce multi-use space (*2018), Printed Matter art space & artists books (*1976), Reanimation Library, Recess (*2009), Reverse art space (*2012), School for Poetic Computation artist-run school (*2013), SculptureCenter (*1928), Soft Surplus (*2018), The Stone improvised music venue (*2005) [1], Storefront for Art and Architecture (*1982), Wendy's Subway library and workspace (*2013), White Columns alternative art space (*1970).
Past spaces: 112 Greene Street (1970-).
more: Art Spaces Archives Project, Alternatives in Retrospect: An Historical Overview 1969-1975, [2] [3], [4], [5], [6], [7].

Initiatives (with no permanent event venue): (*2014), Blank Forms curatorial platform for performance (*2016), Common Practice New York advocacy group (*2012), Cybernetics Library (*2017), Deep Lab (*2015), Hyphen-Labs, Living Room Light Exchange New York (*2016), Primary Information (*2006), Signal Culture (*2012).
Past initiatives: Institute for Art and Urban Resources (IAUR, *1971).

Events: !!Con conference (*2014), Platform Cooperativism conference (*2015), Radical Networks conference (*2015), Software for Artists (S4AD) annual event (*2015) [8], Theorizing the Web (since 2013).
Past festivals: Breakout (2009), 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering (1966).
Past exhibitions: Other Primary Structures (2014), Software - Information Technology: Its New Meaning for Art (1970), Information (1970), Kinesthetics (1969), Some More Beginnings (1968), The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age (1968), Primary Structures (1966), The Responsive Eye (1965), Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism (1936), Cubism and Abstract Art (1936), Machine-Age Exposition (1927), International Exhibition of Modern Art Assembled by Société Anonyme (1926-27).
Past events: Cybernetics Conference (videos, 2017), Alternative Art School Fair (2016), alt-AI (2016), Digital Labor conference (2014), PRISM Breakup (2013), The Internet as Playground and Factory conference (2009), Schizo-Culture (1975), Annual Avant Garde Festival (1963-1982).

Media: Clocktower Radio all-art online museum radio station (*2003).

Art workers: Tega Brain, Ingrid Burrington, Ted Byfield, Taeyoon Choi, Michael Connor, Aria Dean, Charles Eppley, Ben Fino-Radin, Alexander R. Galloway, Kenneth Goldsmith, Sarah Hamerman, Sam Hart, David Hecht, Melanie Hoff, Nora Khan, Shannon Mattern, Lai Yi Ohlsen, Laurel Ptak, Trebor Scholz, Paul Soulellis, Dan Taeyoung, Dennis Tenen, Francis Tseng, McKenzie Wark, Chris Woebken.

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