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  • Liang Luo, The Avant-Garde and the Popular in Modern China: Tian Han and the Intersection of Performance and Politics, University of Michigan Press, 2014, 386 pp. Introduction.

Visual art, Contemporary art[edit]

Artists, movements[edit]

  • Kinetic art: Wen-Ying Tsai
  • Stars group: Ai Weiwei, Wang Keping, Li Shuang, Huang Rui, Ma Desheng.
  • Xiamen Dada: Huang Yong Ping, Lin Jiahua, Jia Yaoming, Yu Xiaogang, Xu Chengdou.
  • Rational painting: Wang Guangyi, Shu Qun, Ren Jian, Liu Yan, Zhang Peili, Geng Jianyi, Wang Qiang.
  • Cynical realism: Yue Minjun, Fang Lijun, Yu Xiaogang, Yang Shaobin, Wang Jinsong, Song Yonghong.
  • Political pop: Wang Guangyi, Yu Youhan, Wang Ziwei, Feng Mengbo, Zhang Peili, Wei Guangqing, Qiu Zhijie.
  • Post-Sense Sensibility: Liu Wei, Sun Yuan.


Exhibitions (with dedicated websites)[edit]




Journal issues[edit]

  • Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Intellect, since 2014. Three numbers per year. [19] (English)
  • Contemporaneity 4: "Open Ground Blog", forew. Gao Minglu, 2015. Special section with selection of four papers from Madeline Eschenburg and Ellen Larson's blog. (English)/(Chinese)

Selected essays[edit]


Documentary film[edit]

  • From Jean Paul Sartre to Teresa Teng: Cantonese Contemporary Art in the 1980s, dir. Jane DeBevoise, Claire Hsu, Phoebe Wong, and Anthony Yung, 2010, 50 min. [21]

Underground and experimental poetry[edit]

Sound art[edit]

Media art[edit]

  • eArts Festival, Shanghai, 2006-2010.
  • Synthetic Times, Beijing, 2008.
  • Invisible City Transmediale, Beijing, 2010.
  • Creators Project, UCCA 798, annually from 2010 to 2013.
  • Encode and Decode, Beijing, 2011.
  • Translife New Media Art Triennial, Beijing, 2011.
  • Motion is action, Beijing, 2013.
  • "ThingWorld", New Media Art Triennial, Beijing, 2014
  • Chronus Art Center, Shanghai
  • Transmedia Department, China Academy of Arts
  • School of creative media, City University Hongkong
  • School of Design, Tsinghua University
  • Digital Art department, Central Academy of Media Arts
  • New Media Art department, Renmin University

Media theory[edit]


avant-garde, modernism, experimental art, media culture, social practice

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