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A resource on Fediverse, federated networks, mesh networks, distributed web, alternative internet, decentralisation.

Software projects

  • Beaker, an experimental browser with a p2p protocol, *2016.
  • Conversations, an open source XMPP/Jabber client for Android, *2014.
  • Dat, a peer-to-peer protocol, a project for distributed data synchronization, *2013.
  • Diaspora, a self-hosted social networking service, *2010.
  • Hubzilla, a communication platform. Review.
  • IPFS
  • Mastodon, a self-hosted social networking service, *2016.
  • Scuttlebutt, a decentralised secure gossip platform.
  • YaCy, a distributed search engine, *2016.

Resources, art projects


  • Our Networks, conference, Claude T. Bissell building, Toronto, 14 Jan 2017. First edition.
  • Radical Networks conference, Chem Creative, Brooklyn, NY, 19-22 Oct 2017. Organised by Sarah Grant and Erica Kermani. Third edition.


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