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REMAKE / REthinking Media Art in K(C)ollaborative Environments

The international art project REMAKE stems from the ongoing collaborative research initiative Monoskop, focusing on the history of media arts and culture. Several cultural organizations, coordinated by Atrakt Art as main organizer, started REMAKE with a simple idea: to approach this online resource as a starting point for creating contemporary artworks inspired by the history of media art particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

The central piece of this two-year creative and social experiment is a traveling exhibition REMAKE. Artists and independent curators from a network of congenial international teams worked to find the best way to mediate important pioneering media art works (ignored by the art historical canon) and approach them in today’s context. Works and practices of artists such as Stanisław Dróżdż, Vladimir Bonačić or a pioneer of Slovak acoustic-electric music, Jozef Malovec had proven to be an invaluable source of inspiration and a great material for progressive contemporary art. Several artists found works that were most inspiring for them: team from the Icelandic Lost Horse Gallery chose synaesthetic works of the Russian group Prometei from the 1960s, the student platform Standuino was inspired by kludging of the musician and teacher from the Faculty of Fine Arts (Brno University of Technology) Stanislav Filip and his specific DIY pieces.

The project aimed to lift the art works from their embeddedness in their local histories to an international context. Their relationships and connections within the exhibition reflected subjective view of important parts of art history and development of technologies. The exhibition had several stages, and offered visitors a range of events as well as a space for research and interaction. The idea of the show – working with already existing art works – contributed also to a discussion about perception of art as intellectual property or, on the contrary, as a source of inspiration.

Another outcome of this project is a bilingual issue of 3/4 magazine. It serves as a catalogue for the exhibition, and it also brings, for the first time, a selection of interviews done by Dušan Barok with personalities and in media arts and culture such as Diana McCarty, Michal Murin, Călin Man, Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits. Interviews are complemented by a passage from a monograph about Steina and Woody Vasulka, entitled Dialogue with Daemons of Tools by art historian Lenka Dolanová, views on art scenes in Ukraine and Iceland and an appendix detailing the process of development of works for the REMAKE exhibition.

Project curators

Dušan Barok (SK/NL), Katarína Gatialová (CZ), Mária Rišková (SK), František Kowolowski (CZ), Slávo Krekovič (SK), Catherine Lenoble (FR), István Szakáts (RO), Barbora Šedivá (CZ), Alexander Zaklynsky (IS), Rarita Zbranca (RO).

Cooperating organisations

The Brno House of Arts (CZ), Atrakt Art (SK), Alt Art (RO), Ping (FR), Multiplace (SK), The Lost Horse Gallery (IS), Institute of Music Science – Theory of Interactive Media MUNI (CZ), Olomouc Museum of Art (CZ), CIANT (CZ), Academy of Fine Arts and Design (SK), and others.

Project page


The main visible outcome and public achievement of the project is the exhibition in The Brno House of Arts (from March 6 until April 15, 2012, The House of Lords from Kunstat), travelling in May 2012 to in Bratislava (SK) and Cluj (RO).

Profiles of the authors of remade works

Stanisław Dróżdż, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Nicolas Schöffer, Guy Debord, Jozef Malovec, Vladimir Bonačić, Bulat Galeyev, Stanislav Filip.


Barbora Šedivá, Katarína Gatialová

Video documentation
Remake opening II, by Markéta Cilečková
REMAKE: komentář k tvůrčí strategii, by Ivan Floreš
Remake catalogue, August 2012. Free PDF.
Photo documentation
  • Remake, ed. Barbora Šedivá, Bratislava: Atrakt Art, 2012, Issuu. Design: The Rodina. ISBN: 9788097108908.
More information


Photo set


Remake conference. Photo: Martina Uhlířová.
  • Dušan Barok (SK/NL): Monoskop collaborative research
  • Ianina Prudenko (UA): Ukrainian Media Art: Twenty Years of Experience
  • Bartosz Łukasiewicz (PL): Dangerous relations / about the term of “relation” in art on the example of conceptual and post-conceptual art
  • Johana Švarcová (CZ): Black Movie'
  • Mircea Dan Duta (RO/CZ): Forgotten premieres in the history of the Romanian cinematography
  • Michal Murin (SK): Recidivist palimpsest. About primary necessity of permanent vividness of dematerialized reality already gone
  • Darko Fritz (CR/NL): Computer-generated art by Vladimir Bonačić
  • Juraj Ďuriš and Miroslav Tóth (SK): Experimentálne štúdio SRo Bratislava

Barbora Šedivá

Photo set


Photo sets



3/4 magazine, No. 27-28 (2012)
Special issue on media art history: Remake (English/Slovak)

Special bilingual issue of 3/4 magazine dedicated to media art history. Serves as a catalogue of a travelling exhibition Remake. It also brings, for the first time, selection of interviews done by Dušan Barok with personalities and media art and culture history-makers Diana McCarty, Michal Murin, Călin Man, Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits. Interviews are complemented by a passage from monograph about Steina and Woody Vasulka, entitled Dialogue with Daemons of Tools by art historian Lenka Dolanová, views on art scenes in Ukraine and Iceland and appendix showing the process of development of works for Remake exhibition.

Editor: Barbora Šedivá
Editor-in-chief: Slávo Krekovič
Contributing editors: Dušan Barok, Katarína Gatialová, Oliver Rehák, Mária Rišková, Catherine Lenoble
Publisher: Atrakt Art, Bratislava, Slovakia
ISSN 1335-5309
134 pages

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TIM – Teorie Interaktivních Médií, No. 4: Remake (2012) (Czech)

TIM ezin je odborný magazín studentů oboru Teorie interaktivních médií Masarykovy univerzity v Brně. Číslo 4 je věnované tématu REMAKE a také aktuálnímu projektu REMAKE z dílny Sdružení pro aktuální umění a kulturu Atrakt Art.

Projekt, který je založen na kolaborativní produkci a mezinárodní prezentaci nových uměleckých prací, inspirovaných bohatou historií mediálního umění v Evropě, představuje tematické východisko článků druhého čísla ezinu TIM.

Klíčová slova: remake, remix, remixability, postprodukce, apropriace, znovu provedení (reenactment), koláž, montáž, pastiš, postmodernismus, vizuální kultura, DJ culture, nová historiografie, produsage, prosumer technologies, autorské právo, open source, free software.

Editors Zuzana Kobíková, Jana Horáková
Publisher Ústav hudební vědy Filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity, Brno
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
ISSN 1805-2606

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  • Silvie Šeborová, "Remake", Flash Art CZ/SK 23-24, Apr-Aug 2012. Review. [2] (Czech)


Unrealised proposals for the exhibition

Original artworks - TO BE REMADE: