3/4 magazine, 27-28: Media Art History: Remake (2012) [English/Slovak]

18 May 2012, dusan

Special bilingual issue of 3/4 magazine dedicated to media art history. Serves as a catalogue of a travelling exhibition Remake. It also brings, for the first time, selection of interviews done by Dušan Barok with personalities and media art and culture history-makers Diana McCarty, Michal Murin, Călin Man, Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits. Interviews are complemented by a passage from monograph about Steina and Woody Vasulka, entitled Dialogue with Daemons of Tools by art historian Lenka Dolanová, views on art scenes in Ukraine and Iceland and appendix showing the process of development of works for Remake exhibition.

Editor: Barbora Šedivá
Editor-in-chief: Slávo Krekovič
Contributing editors: Dušan Barok, Katarína Gatialová, Oliver Rehák, Mária Rišková, Catherine Lenoble
Publisher Atrakt Art, Bratislava, Slovakia
ISSN 1335-5309
134 pages

Remake project



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