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Emma Kay's Worldview reproduced on a single poster, 1999. Digital print on paper, 176 x 271 cm. Tate.

Also conceptualism, conceptual poetics, conceptual poetry, conceptual fiction, literary appropriation, ready-made poetry, uncreative writing.



Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, 2011, Log.
I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women, 2012, Log.
Conceptualisms: The Anthology of Prose, Poetry, Visual, Found, E- & Hybrid Writing as Contemporary Art, 2022, PDF.
  • Reprint: Appropriation (&) Literature, ed. Annette Gilbert, with Tobias Amslinger and Mirja Aye, Weisbaden: Lux Books, 2014, 580 pp. [3]. Reviews: Greaney (MLN), Gramatzki (KulturPoetik, DE). (German)/(English)




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Vanessa Place, Robert Fitterman, Notes on Conceptualisms, 2009, Log, PDF.
Andrea Andersson (ed.), Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art, 2018, Log.
  • Marjorie Perloff, Unoriginal Genius: Poetry by Other Means in the New Century, University of Chicago Press, 2010, ix+201 pp. Excerpt. [9]. Reviews: Di Leo (Am Book Rev), Rowe (Full Stop), Scroggins (Bookforum), Golding (CompLit Studies), McCallum (English in Education), Mao (Common Knowledge), Wilkinson (Modern Philology), Paris (J Modern Lit), Lista (National Post), Dow (PN Rev), Lana Turner, Vriezen (deReactor, NL). [10]
    • O génio não original: poesia por outros meios no novo século, trans. Adriano Scandolara, Belo Horizonte: UFMG, 2013, 314 pp. [11] (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Corrected Slogans: Reading and Writing Conceptualism, ed. Triple Canopy, New York: Triple Canopy & MCA Denver, 2013, 268 pp. [15]
  • Brian M. Reed, Nobody's Business: Twenty-First Century Avant-Garde Poetics, Cornell University Press, 2013, xix+222 pp. [16] [17]. Reviews: Nielsen (Am Lit), Chan (JMMLA), Stoehr (RMRLL).
  • Felix Bernstein, Notes on Post-Conceptual Poetry, pref. Trisha Low, Los Angeles: Insert Blanc Press, 2015, 170 pp. Notes amalgamated for the Poetry Will Be Made By All event conceived by Kenneth Goldsmith and Hans-Ulrich Obrist in 2014. Reviews: Seltman (LARB), Daniele (European J of Am Studies), Lawrence (Capilano Rev). [18] [19] [20]
  • Gaëlle Théval, Poésies ready-made, XXe-XXIe siècles, Paris: L'Harmattan, 2015, 288 pp. TOC. [26]. Based on 2011 PhD dissertation at U Paris-Diderot. Reviews: Huglo (Sitaudis), Tardy (Cahier Critique de Poésie). (French)
  • Ondřej Buddeus, Markéta Magidová (eds.), Třídit slova. Literatura a konceptuální tendence 1949-2015, Prague:, 2015. Excerpt. [29] (Czech)

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