Vanessa Place, Robert Fitterman: Notes on Conceptualisms (2009)

4 November 2014, dusan

“What is conceptual writing, how does it differ from Conceptual Art, what are some of the dominant forms of conceptualism, where does an impure or hybrid conceptualism fit in, what about the baroque, what about the prosody of procedure, what are the links between appropriation and conceptual writing, how does conceptual writing rely on a new way of reading, a “thinkership” that can shift the focus away from the text and onto the concept, what is the relationship between conceptual writing and technology or information culture, and why has this tendency taken hold in the poetry community now? What follows, then, is a collection of notes, aphorisms, quotes and inquiries on conceptual writing. We have co-authored this text through correspondence, shared reading interests, and similar explorations. Notes on Conceptualisms is far from a definitive text, and much closer to a primer, a purposefully incomplete starting place, where readers, hopefully, can enter so as to participate.”

Publisher Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, NY, 2009
Open Access
ISBN 9781933254463
78 pages

Commentary: Ron Silliman (2009).
Reviews: Thom Donovan (BOMB, 2009), Christopher Higgs (Chapbook Review, 2009), Karla Kelsey (Octopus Magazine, c2010), Ken L. Walker (Coldfront, 2010), John Bloomberg-Rissman (Galatea Resurrects 16, 2011), Alethia Alfonso (Notas, 2011, ES), Joel Kopplin & Kurt Milberger (HTML Giant, 2013).
Dialogue between Vanessa Place and Tania Ørum (Jacket2, 2012)



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