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Resource on concrete, visual and optical poetry.

Poets, authors, collectives[edit]

See also Women in concrete poetry.

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See also exhibition catalogues.

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Magazines, periodicals[edit]

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Between Poetry and Painting, 1965, Log, PDF, IA, UbuWeb.

Exhibition catalogues[edit]

  • First International Exhibition of Concrete, Kinetic and Phonetic Poetry, ed. Mike Weaver, Cambridge, UK, 1964. Exh. held in the Rushmore rooms, St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, UK, 28 Nov-5 Dec 1964. [45] (English)
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  • Novisima poesia /69, Buenos Aires: Ministerio de Educacion, 1969. (Spanish)
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Archives, resources[edit]

Recent exhibitions[edit]

Reception, art historical studies, theory[edit]

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the West[edit]

East-Central Europe[edit]

Czech Republic[edit]

See also magazine Psí víno.

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East Germany[edit]

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