Bit International, 5-6: The Word Image (1969) [CR-SR/int.]

7 April 2015, dusan

An issue of the magazine of Zagreb-based New Tendencies network, dedicated to concrete poetry. Six other issues were produced between 1968-72.

Vera Horvat-Pintarić, “The Word Image”
Branimir Donat, “Poésie concrete – cosmogonie-poetique de l’ere technologique”
Max Bense, “Konkrete Poesie”
Tomaž Brejc, “La compagnie OHO et la poésie topographique en Slovénie”
Siegfried J. Schmidt, “Computopoeme”
Željko Bujas, “First Croatian Literary Texts Computer-Processed”
Information bulletin about Tendencies 4 exhibition

Edited by Vera Horvat-Pintarić, et al.
Publisher Zagreb City Gallery, 1969
145 pages
via MAMA Zagreb

PDF (13 MB)

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