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Monoskop is a wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities.


Athens, March 2018

The symposium "Shadow Libraries", part of the Shadow Libraries: UbuWeb in Athens programme organised by Ilan Manouach and Kenneth Goldsmith (UbuWeb), brought together Dušan Barok (Monoskop), Marcell Mars (Public Library), Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), Cornelia Sollfrank (Giving What You Don't Have), Peter Sunde (The Pirate Bay), and Prodromos Tsiavos. The event was held at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) and Onassis Culture Centre in Athens. Talk. Reports by Αναστασία Βαϊτσοπούλου and Δέσποινα Ζευκιλή (in Greek). Video documentation is forthcoming.

New York, November 2017

Monoskop has contributed a selection of works on cybernetics to New York's Cybernetics Conference and its temporary circulating cybernetics research library prepared by Sarah Hamerman, David Isaac Hecht and Dan Taeyoung. The conference is organised by Sam Hart, Melanie Hoff and Francis Tseng. Report.

Warsaw, November 2017-February 2018

Warsaw's Museum of Modern Art holds the exhibition The Other Trans-Atlantic: Kinetic and Op Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America 1950s-1970s prepared in partnership with Monoskop.

Basel, October 2017

Participation at a workshop on art and commons organised by Felix Stalder, Cornelia Sollfrank and Shusha Niederberger at the House of Electronic Arts (HEK) in Basel.

Bratislava, June 2017

Discussion and presentation at the Bratislava Book Festival held at the Arena Theatre, Bratislava, upon invitation of its director Peter Michalík. [1]

Novi Sad, May 2017

Monoskop's Architecture page was printed as a single scroll and displayed as part of the Public Library / Javna knjižnica exhibition. Tomislav Medak read our statement For a Flat Library of Architecture (in Serbo-Croatian).

New York, October 2016

Presentation at The Sunview Luncheonette in Brooklyn, NYC, upon invitation of artist Matej Vakula. [2] [3]

Mons, October 2015

Ideographies of Knowledge, a symposium on documentation and classification of knowledge organised by Monoskop at the Mundaneum in Mons, Belgium, on 3 Oct 2015. The event brought together digital librarians, media theorists, designers, researchers and artists to discuss the poetics, aesthetics and politics of information and knowledge in relation to digital libraries, search engines and the legacy of library/documentation science. With Dušan Barok, Matthew Fuller, Geraldine Juárez, Stéphanie Manfroid, Marcell Mars, Nikita Mazurov, Tomislav Medak, Michael Murtaugh, Robert M Ochshorn, Barbora Šedivá, Femke Snelting, and Matěj Strnad.

Basel, June 2015

Participation at Sources and Resources, a panel discussion in the framework of Economies of Aesthetics conference held at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Campus of the Arts. The panel was prepared by FHNW's Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures.

Vienna, June 2015

A statement on public libraries and presentation of Monoskop at the Technopolitics seminar, upon invitation of Armin Medosch.

Zagreb, June 2015

Javna knjižnica / Public Library, an exhibition and conference organised by What, How and for Whom/WHW and Multimedia Institute, and hosted by Nova Gallery, [4], [5], [6]. On the occasion, the curatorial collective WHW created an online hybrid-archive exhibition featuring selected works from the archives of UbuWeb and Monoskop: Part 1: Art and Its Dissatisfaction, Part 2: Art Is Not a Mirror, Art Is a Hammer, Part 3: The Rights and Freedoms, Tricks and Pranks (commentaries in Croatian).

Bergen, March 2015

The Extensions of Many: Seminars on Media Aesthetics, a series of seminars organised by Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK) together with Monoskop was held at Hordaland kunstsenter in Bergen, Norway. The series explored the ambiguity of the notion of media from an aesthetic and technological perspective; speakers included Ina Blom, Florian Cramer, Knut Ove Eliassen, Olga Goriunova, Aud Sissel Hoel, Eleni Ikoniadou and Femke Snelting. Introductory talk, Part 2.

Stuttgart, October-November 2014

Public Library: Rethinking the Infrastructures, an exhibition and conference sparked by Marcell Mars and hosted by Württembergsicher Kunstverein. With Aaaaarg.org, Vuk Ćosić, Sebastian Lütgert and Jan Berger, Monoskop, Postcapital Archive, Praxis, Femke Snelting, Cornelia Sollfrank, and many others. Organised in collaboration with Akademie Schloss Solitude. Video documentation.

Novi Sad, July 2013

An Archive/Live Archive/UnArchive and Public Library workshop, with Kenneth Goldsmith (UbuWeb), Dušan Barok (Monoskop), Simon Worthington (Mute Magazine), Marcell Mars (Public Library), and the hosting organisation, kuda.org. The event was part of Aesthetic Education Expanded, a collaborative project by Berliner Gazette, Kontrapunkt, kuda.org, Multimedia Institute and Mute. Video documentation.

Ljubljana, November 2012

HAIP 2012: Public Library / Javna knjižnica, a conference and exhibition hosted by Kiberpipa. With Aaaaarg.org, Vuk Ćosić, Sebastian Lütgert and Jan Berger, Marcell Mars, Monoskop, Simon Worthington, and many others. Video documentation.

Prešov, October 2012

Presentation at the University of Prešov andragogy seminar led by Branislav Frk; and at Wave club in Prešov within CyberTalks series organised by Peter Pankuch; a discussion with Kristian Lukić.

Rotterdam, July 2012

Unlimited Editions, a public discussion on personal collecting and media archiving; with Annet Dekker, Darko Fritz, Florian Cramer and Sandra Fauconnier. Hosted by TENT, Rotterdam. Launch of the Monoskop online library.

Novi Sad, April 2012

Presentation at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, by User:Dusan, upon invitation of Luka Kulić. Part of the Digitizing Ideas project.

Brno, April 2012

Remake conference organised by Barbora Šedivá at The Brno House of Arts. Talk by Dušan.

Zagreb, December 2011

G33koskop seminar at Mama, organised by Marcell Mars. The first public presentation of the then offline Monoskop file archive. Talk by Dušan.

Tallinn, October 2011

Gateways: Workshop for Curators from Central and Eastern Europe, presentation by Mária Rišková.

Kiev, June 2011

Presentation by Barbora Šedivá.

Bratislava, May 2011

Presentation at the New Media Art & Digital Art Meeting Point seminar organised by 13 kubikov. Talk by Dušan (Slovak).

Prague, June 2007

Presentation at the Glocals and Outsiders conference organised by Denisa Kera. Talk by Dušan.

Prague, February 2006

Presentation at the New Media programs in the Czech Republic seminar organised by Denisa Kera and Miloš Vojtěchovský. Variation of the text appeared in the Mag.Net publication in March 2006. Talk by Dušan.

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  • The website has been slightly restructured. The frontpage now shows some of the latest additions, and there is a new section with Contents. The subtitle has been updated to the more fitting "wiki for collaborative studies of art, media and the humanities" from the former "collaborative wiki research on the history of art, culture and media technology". (31 Aug 2014)
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  • Realising there are almost 100 users or so registered, we did small improvements in user profiles. Using your profile (find here) you can now share what you have been working on, message others, etc. (28 Jul 2008)

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  • Monoskop Log, writings on art, culture, and media technology.
  • Remake, REthinking Media Art in K(C)ollaborative Environments


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