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  • Yawn, 38 numbers, Sep 1989-Mar 1993.
  • SMILE, 1984-95.
  • The Art Strike Papers, ed. Stewart Home, Edinburgh: AK Press, 1991. A collection of essays and statements concerning the 1990-1993 Art Strike.

Artists' cultures
or, sets of techniques and practices bringing together communities of artists, makers and writers

Avant-garde and modernist magazines, Artists' publishing, Graphic design, Photography, Typewriter art, Multimedia environments, Design research, Video activism, Urban practices, Zine culture, Demoscene, VJing, Live cinema, Media labs, Cyberfeminism, Community television, Hacktivism, Art servers, Hackerspaces, CD-ROM art, Circuit bending, Pure Data, Media archives, VVVV, Maker culture, Glitch art, Live coding, Locative media, Libre graphics, Electromagnetism, Surf clubs, DIY biology, Post-digital, Neural aesthetics.
See also Art styles and movements.