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    • Cine expandido, Buenos Aires: Eduntref, 2012, 456 pp. [9] (Spanish)
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  • Hans Scheugl, Erweitertes Kino. Die Wiener Filme der 60er Jahre, Vienna: Triton, 2002. (German)
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  • Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance and Film, eds. A.L. Rees, David Curtis, Duncan White, and Stephen Ball, London: Tate Publishing, 2011, 312 pp. TOC. Reviews: Utterson (Screen), MacDonald (MIRAJ).
Journal issues
  • Tulane Drama Review 11(1): "Film & Theatre", Aug 1966. [10]
  • Art in-sight 14 (Filmwaves 27:1): "On Expanded Cinema", ed. Jackie Hatfield, 2005. Texts by Jackie Hatfield, Grahame Weinbren, Chris Hales. [11]
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