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Temporary media lab which operated during the 100 days of Documenta X in Kassel, on 21 June - 28 September 1997. For the more than 200 participants, this was the "Summer of Content." Fifteen groups consisting of artists, activists, critics and their guests presented their work, produced new concepts and started campaigns that developed and continued after the gathering.

Concept: Geert Lovink, Pit Schultz. Project Management: Thorsten Schilling, Micz Flor, Martina Bohne, Susanne Dietze, Heike Foell. Workspace audio archive: Herbert A. Mayer. Initiated through Catherine David (documenta X) and Klaus Biesenbach, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Nancy Spector (Berlin Biennale).


Art exhibitions and events

Second Spring Exhibition of OBMOKhU (Moscow, 1920-21), Congress of International Progressive Artists (Düsseldorf, 1922), Congress of the Constructivists and Dadaists (Weimar, 1922), First Russian Art Exhibition (Berlin, 1922), New Art Exhibition (Vilnius, 1923), Zenit Exhibition (Belgrade, 1924), Contimporanul Exhibition (Bucharest, 1924), Machine-Age Exposition (New York, 1927), a.r. International Collection of Modern Art (Łódź, 1931), New Tendencies (Zagreb, 1961-73), The Responsive Eye (New York, 1965), 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering (New York, 1966), Cybernetic Serendipity (London, 1968), Live In Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form (Bern, 1969), Information (New York, 1970), Software - Information Technology: Its New Meaning for Art (New York, 1970), Documenta 5 (Kassel, 1972), Pictures (New York, 1977), Biennial of Dissent (Venice, 1977), Les Immatériaux (Paris, 1985), Magiciens de la Terre (Paris, 1989), Hybrid Workspace (Kassel, 1997)