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MaMa - Multimedia Institute is a net culture club located in Zagreb, founded in 1999 by Tomislav Medak, Marcell Mars, Teodor Celakoski, Petar Milat, Željko Blaće, Vedran Gulin, Vanja Nikolić and others. Ever since it opened in 2000, MaMa has been a meeting point for different local and international communities ranging from political activists, media artists, electronic music makers, theorists, hackers and free software developers, gay and lesbian support groups, to the anime community. Guided by the ideals of sharing, it offers free access to its ressources & infrastructure.

MaMa set-up a variety of different lecture/discussion/presentation series dealing with its primary fields of interest. Some of those series like Becoming Digital, Caternetics, MaMa čita have in the meanwhile ceased to exist, and among the ones still active as of 2011 are Pastforward, Transverzala, and Vizualni kolegij.



past.forward series
mala mamina biblioteka series
basic series
nova kritička teorija series

In collaboration with Belgrade Circle.

vizualni kolegij series
explicit music series
Sve se svodi na estetiku i političku ekonomiju series [2]

In collaboration with

Prijatelji series

In collaboration with Kulturteger.

  • Ugrešić, Dubravka. (2015). Karaoke kultura. Zagreb: Multimedijalni institut & Kulturteger. 164 pp. (Croatian)
  • Badiou, Alain. (2016). Metafizika stvarne sreće. Trans. Antonia Banović and Dorotea-Dora Held. Zagreb: Multimedijalni institut & Kulturteger. 117 pp. Trans. of Métaphysique du bonheur réel (2015). [3] (Croatian)
  • Malabou, Catherine. (2016). Ontologia nezgode: esej o razaralačkoj plastičnosti. Trans. Marko Gregorić. Zagreb: Multimedijalni institut & Kulturteger. 126 pp. Trans. of Ontologie de l'accident (2009). (Croatian)
  • Albahari, David. (2017). 21 priča o sreći. Varijacije na teze Alaina Badioua. Zagreb: Kulturtreger & Multimedijalni institut. 62 pp. (Croatian)
  • Carson, Anne. (2019). Vježba zvana Albertina. Trans. Miroslav Kirin. Zagreb: Kulturtreger & Multimedijalni institut. 47 pp. Trans. of The Albertine Workout (2014). (Croatian)
Skhole series
  • Lazarus, Sylvain. (2018). Maj '68. Politika. Povijest (razgovori). Trans. Ozren Pupovac. Zagreb: Multimedijalni institut. 56 pp. Trans. of Entretiens avec Sylvain Lazarus: Mai 68. La politique. L'histoire (2008). (Croatian)
  • Pristaš, Goran Sergej. (2018). Exploded Gaze. Trans. Žarko Cvejić. Afterw. Bojana Kunst. Zagreb: Multimedijalni institut. 322 pp.
Other books

Conference proceedings

  • Weizman, Ines and Eyal. (2008). Arhitektura i antagonizam. Trans. Tanja Vrvilo and Tonči Valentić. Zagreb: Multimedia Institute, 28 pp. (Croatian)
  • Brown, Nathan, ed. (2009). 21st Century Materialism. Zagreb: Multimedia Institute.
  • Brown, Nathan; Milat, Petar, eds. (2012). The Art of the Concept (Frakcija 64-65). Zagreb: Centre for Drama Art & Academy of Dramatic Art.
  • Brown, Nathan; Milat, Petar, eds. (2017). Poiesis. Zagreb: Multimedijalni institut, and Montréal: Centre for Expanded Poetics (Concordia University). 234+xxxiii pp. (English)

Conference and festival newsletters


  • System.hack(). (2006). Zagreb: Multimedia Institute. 96 pp. (English)/(Croatian)
  • Medak, Tomislav; Milat, Petar, eds. (2013). Prospects of Arkzin / Izgledi Arkzina. Zagreb: Arkzin and Multimedia Institute. 48 pp. With DVD Arkzin Digital Archive / Digitalna arhiva Arkzina. (English)/(Croatian)

Other publications

Literature (about MaMa)