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City in [[Netherlands]]. Social links to [[Rotterdam]], [[The Hague]], [[Berlin]].
City in [[Netherlands]]. Social links to [[Rotterdam]], [[The Hague]], [[Berlin]].
'''Event listings''': [http://amsterdamalternative.nl/ Amsterdam Alternative], [http://radar.squat.net/en/events/city/Amsterdam Amsterdam on radar.squat.net].
'''Initiatives''': [[Adilkno]] (*1983), [[ASCII]] (*1999), [[De Balie]] (*1982), [[European Cultural Backbone]] (*1999), [[IAAA]], [[Institute of Network Cultures]] (*2004), [[Mediamatic]], [[Montevideo]], [[STEIM]] (*1967), [[TAG]], [[Virtueel Platform]] (*1998), [[Waag Society]] for Old and New Media (*1994), [[xs4all]] (*1993).<br>
'''Media''': [http://jajajaneeneenee.com/ Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee] online radio, [[Nettime]]-nl listserv (*1996).<br>
'''Past initiatives''': [[Netband]], [[Hacktic Network]] (1992-95).
'''Past media''': [[The Dutch Thing]] (*1996), [[De Digitale Stad]] (*1994), [[Mediamatic]] magazine (1986-2007), [[Hack-Tic]] (1989-93), [[Radio 100]] pirate radio, [[Patapoe]] pirate radio, [[Vrije Keijzer]] pirate radio, [[XyberTag]] BBS.
'''Spaces''': [[11]] club, [https://adm.amsterdam/ ADM] squat (*1997), [[De Appel]] contemporary arts centre (*1975), [http://bajesdorp.nl Bajesdorp] neighbourhood, [[De Balie]] theatre, socio-cultural centre and restaurant (*1982), [[Boekie Woekie]] books by artists (*1986), [https://bologna.cc/ Bologna.cc] project space, [[Butcher's Tears]] micro-brewery and event venue (*2013), [http://cascoamsterdam.nl/ Casco Amsterdam] club and café (*2016), [http://cinetol.nl Cinetol] cultural venue (*2014), [[EYE]] film museum (*2010), [http://www.filmhuiscavia.nl/ Filmhuis Cavia] (*1983), [http://framerframed.nl Framer Framed] exhibition space (*2014), [https://www.multiples.nl Galerie A / Multiples.nl] artists' books and photography gallery (*1976), [[Galerie van Gelder]] (*1985), [[ImagineIC]], [http://www.joesgarage.nl/ Joe's Garage] autonomous socio-political centre (*2005), [http://www.kriterion.nl/ Kriterion] cinema (*1945), [http://www.kulter.nl Kulter] gallery (*2009), [[Lab111]] media café, [[LAG]] hacklab (*2013), [https://www.broedplaatslely.nl/ Lely] urban resort (*2017), [[LIMA]] (*2013), [[Lumen Travo]] (*1985), [http://www.marwanmarwan.com/ Marwan] artist-run project space (*2016), [[Mediamatic]] bio art and tech venue (*1983), [[De Melkweg]] music venue and cultural centre (*1970), [[NASA]] (*2012), [http://www.denieuweanita.nl De Nieuwe Anita] concert venue (*2005), [http://nieuwdakota.com Nieuw Dakota] platform for contemporary art (*2010), [[OCCII]] event venue (*1984), [[OT301]] alternative centre (*1999), [http://www.pakt.nu/about-pakt/ P/////AKT] exhibition space (*2003), [https://www.paradiso.nl/ Paradiso] music venue and cultural centre (*1968), [http://www.perdu.nl Perdu] poetry bookstore (*1984), [[Plan B]] gallery (*2006), [http://plantagedok.nl/ Plantage Dok & Dokhuis Galerie] (*1998), [http://depunt.org/ De Punt] art and project space (*2014), [http://www.rongwrong.org Rongwrong] space for art and theory (*2011), [https://www.rozenstraat.com/ Rozenstraat] project space (*2017), [http://www.cafederuimte.nl/ De Ruimte] concert venue & café restaurant (*2012), [[San Serriffe]] art bookshop (*2011), [http://www.deschoolamsterdam.nl De School] multifunctional space (*2016), [http://www.spui25.nl Spui 25] academic-cultural centre, [[STEIM]] studio for electro-instrumental music (*1967), [http://taak.me TAAK] art center, [[TAG]], [[Technologia Incognita]] hackerspace (*2012), [https://veem.house Veem House for Performance] (*1986), [https://vondelbunker.nl/ Vondelbunker] autonomous centre (*2011), [http://w139.nl W139] exhibition space (*1979), [[Waag Society]] institute for art, science and technology (*1994), [http://www.westwednesdays.com/ West Wednesdays], [http://zone2source.net Zone2Source] art/nature/tech exhibition platform (*2014).<br>
'''Association''': [http://moker.amsterdam/ MOKER - Verenigde Beeldende Kunstinstellingen Amsterdam] (*2019).<br>
'''Past spaces''': [http://www.sideroom.org/ Side Room] (2014-16), [http://lostproperty.cx/ Lost Property] gallery (2012-13), [http://outpost-slotervaart.blogspot.com/ Outpost] artist-run space (2009-13), [[Smart Project Space]] (-2012), [[NIMk]] (-2012), [[Quarantine Series]] (2003-2004), [[ASCII]] hacklab (1999-2006), [[Desk.nl]] media lab (1994-96), [[Montevideo]], [[The Living Room]] gallery (1981-1993), [[Other Books and So]] artist-run bookstore (1975-79) and archive (1979-89), [[In-Out Center]] artist space (1972-74), [[Art & Project]] gallery (1968-2001).
'''Festivals''': [[Next 5 Minutes]] (*1993), [[World Wide Video]] (*1982).<br>
'''Initiatives and collectives''' with no permanent event venue: [[Adilkno]] (*1983), [[European Cultural Backbone]] (*1999), [http://future-ruins.org/ Future Ruins] (*2013), [[IAAA|Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam]], [http://www.ificantdance.com/ If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution] (*2005), [[Institute of Network Cultures]] (*2004), [http://laps-rietveld.nl LAPS] research institute for art and public space, [https://www.nevernever.nl/ Neverneverland] foundation (*2016), [http://www.perdu.nl Perdu] (*1984), [https://performdoc.wixsite.com/performdoc perform doc] (*2018), [http://www.urbanresort.nl/ Urban Resort] (*2007), [[xs4all]] (*1993).<br>
'''Events''': [[Doors of Perception]] conference (*1993).<br>
'''Past initiatives''': [https://redmondamsterdam.wordpress.com/ Redmond] intersectional feminist collective (2013-2017), [[Netband]], [[SKOR]] (*1999), [[Hacktic Network]] (1992-95), [[Virtueel Platform]] (1998-2012).
'''Past events''': [[Video Vortex]] exhibition (2007-08), [[Culture 2.0]] (2007), [[Recalling RFID]] (2007), [[New Network Theory]] conference (2007), [[C'lick Me]] netporn festival (2007), [[The Art and Politics of Netporn]] conference (2005), [[Incommunicado]] conference (2005), [[An Archaeology of Imaginary Media]] (2004), [[E-Culture Fair]] 2 (2003), [[World-Information.Org]] (2002), [[E-Culture Fair]] (2000), [[Net.Congestion]] (2000), [[Tulipomania DotCom]] conference (2000), [[That Media Thing]] 1+2 symposium (1999), [[Browser Day]] (1998-2002), [[P2P Conference]] (1997), [[Wetware Convention]] (1991), [[Galactic Hacker Party]] (1989).
'''Festivals''': [http://dnkdays.net/ DNK Days] (2018), [https://otherfutures.nl/ Other Futures] (2018), [https://www.fiber-space.nl/festival/ Fiber Festival] (*2015), [http://radar.squat.net/en/event/amsterdam/filmhuis-cavia/2016-02-27/atrabilious-experimental-filmfest Atrabilious Experimental Filmfest] (*2015), [http://www.sotufestival.com SOTU] (*2012), [http://www.festivalwhynot.nl/ WhyNot] dance & performance festival (*2010), [[Sonic Acts]] (*1994).<br>
'''Past festivals''': [[Interference]] (2014), [[Soundart festival]] (2011), [[Transnatural]] (2010-12), [[ElectroSmog]] (2010), [[Victorian Circus]] (2005-08), [[Next 5 Minutes]] (1993-2003), [[World Wide Video]] (*1982).<br>
'''Events''': [http://hackersanddesigners.nl/ Hackers & Designers] (*2013), [[Where Are We Going, Walt Whitman?]] (2012-13), [[Society of the Query]] conference (2009, 2013), [[Girl Geek Dinners|Girl Geek Dinner NL]] (since 2008), [[DNK]] concert series (*2005), [[Economies of the Commons]] (*2008), [[Amsterdam Girl Geek Dinner]] (*2008), [http://www.lost.nl Lost & Found] (*1997).<br>
'''Past events''': [https://networkcultures.org/makingpublic/ Making Public] conference (2019), [https://www.looiersgracht60.org/calendar/event/printing-plant Printing Plant: Art Book Fair] (2018), [http://framerframed.nl/en/exposities/expositie-as-if-the-media-artist-as-trickster/ As If: The Media Artist as Trickster] exhibition (2017), [http://www.tacticalmediafiles.net/events/39710/As-If-_-Vox-Populi-_-The-Syrian-Archive-_-The-Society-of-Post_Control The Society of Post-Control] conference (2017), [ Idiotic Code] (2015), [http://w139.nl/en/article/22280/radical-software/ Radical Software] [http://future-ruins.org/02_Radical_Software/] (2014), [[Unlike Us]] (2012), [[GLI.TC/H]] (2011), [[The Art of Hacking]] exhibition (2011), [[The Second Act]] (2011), [[Amsterdam SuperCollider Users Group]] (2011), [[Cinema Clash Continuum]] conference-festival (2011), [[Critical Point of View]] (2010), [[Urban Screens]] (2005, 2009), [[Eclectic Tech Carnival]] (2008), [[Walled Garden]] conference (2008), [[VX:mission]] (2008), [[Video Vortex]] exhibition (2007-08), [[Mobile Music Workshop]] (2007), [[Culture 2.0]] (2007), [[Recalling RFID]] (2007), [[New Network Theory]] conference (2007), [[C'lick Me]] netporn festival (2007), [[The Art and Politics of Netporn]] conference (2005), [[Incommunicado]] conference (2005), [[An Archaeology of Imaginary Media]] (2004), [[E-Culture Fair]] 2 (2003), [[World-Information.Org]] (2002), [[E-Culture Fair]] (2000), [[Net.Congestion]] (2000), [[Tulipomania DotCom]] conference (2000), [[That Media Thing]] 1+2 symposium (1999), [[Browser Day]] (1998-2002), [[P2P Conference]] (1997), [[Doors of Perception]] conference (1993-2002), [[Wetware Convention]] (1991), [[Galactic Hacker Party]] (1989), [[Works and Words]] (1979).
'''Spaces''': [[11]] club, [[De Balie]] (*1982), [[De Melkweg]] (*1970), [[ImagineIC]], [[Mediamatic]], [[Quarantine Series]] (2003-2004), [[TAG]], [[Waag Society]] (*1994).<br>
'''Academy programs''': [[New Media FGw UvA Amsterdam|New Media FGw UvA]], [[ArtScience Interfaculty]], [[VAMA VU Amsterdam|Visual Arts, Media & Architecture VU]].
'''Past spaces''': [[ASCII]] hacklab (1999-2006), [[Desk.nl]] media lab (1994-96).
'''Media''': [[Nettime]]-nl (*1996), [[The Dutch Thing]] (*1996), [[De Digitale Stad]] (*1994).<br>
'''Past media''': [[Hack-Tic]] (1989-93).
'''Academy programs''': [[New Media FGw UvA Amsterdam|New Media FGw UvA]].
'''Art workers''': [[Eric Kluitenberg]] (1965), [[Geert Lovink]] (1959), [[Irad Lee]], [[Josephine Bosma]], [[Marleen Stikker]] (1962), [[Michel Waisvisz]] (1949), [[Paul Keller]] (1974), [[Sher Doruff]].
'''Art workers''': [[Amran Anjun]], [[André Avelãs]], [http://anjagroten.com Anja Groten], [[Anne Helmond]], [[Annet Dekker]], [[Annette Wolfsberger]], [[Arie Altena]], [[Arjen Mulder]], [http://dutchartinstitute.eu/page/7761/arnisa-zeqo Arnisa Zeqo], [[Bas van Koolwijk]], [[Bernhard Rieder]] (1976), [[Cãlin Dan]] (1955), [[Christina Della Giustina]] (1965), [[Constant Dullaart]] (1979), [[Debra Solomon]], [[Donna Metzlar]] (1969), [[Elisabeth Klement]], [[Eric Kluitenberg]] (1965), [[Erik Borra]] (1981), [[Esther Weltevrede]], [[Felicia von Zweigbergk]], [http://li-ma.nl/lima/about Gaby Wijers], [[Geert Lovink]] (1959), [[Gert-Jan Prins]] (1961), [[Harold Schellinx]], [[Irad Lee]], [[Isabelle Vigier]] (1963), [[Ivo Bol]], [[James Beckett]] (1977), [[Jan Simons]], [[Jaromil]], [[John Haltiwanger]], [[Jonas Lund]], [[Jonathan Reus]], [[Joost Rekveld]] (1970), [[Joris van Hoboken]], [[Josephine Bosma]], [[Juha van 't Zelfde]], [[Karl Klomp]] (1979), [[Katja Novitskova]] (1984), [[Lonneke van der Velden]], [[Marc Stumpel]], [[Marleen Stikker]] (1962), [[Martijn Comes]] (1979), [[Martijn Tellinga]] (1974), [[Martine Neddam]] (1953), [[Martijn van Boven]] (1977), [[Matteo Pasquinelli]] (1974), [[Michel Waisvisz]] (1949), [[Michelle Kasprzak]], [[Ñusta Nina]], [[Olga Sezneva]], [[Paul Keller]] (1974), [[Pieter Verbeke]], [[Radboud Mens]], [[Renée Ridgway]], [[Richard Rogers]], [http://therodina.com The Rodina], [[Rosa Menkman]], [[Seamus Cater]], [[Sebastian Scholz]] (1977), [[Sher Doruff]], [[Sjoerd Leijten]] (1983), [http://www.sophieberrebi.net/ Sophie Berrebi] (1973), [[Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec]], [[Thomas Poell]] (1973), [[Tjebbe van Tijen]] (1944), [[Vesna Manojlovic]], [[Viljam Nybacka]].

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City in Netherlands. Social links to Rotterdam, The Hague, Berlin.

Event listings: Amsterdam Alternative, Amsterdam on radar.squat.net.

Media: Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee online radio, Nettime-nl listserv (*1996).
Past media: The Dutch Thing (*1996), De Digitale Stad (*1994), Mediamatic magazine (1986-2007), Hack-Tic (1989-93), Radio 100 pirate radio, Patapoe pirate radio, Vrije Keijzer pirate radio, XyberTag BBS.

Spaces: 11 club, ADM squat (*1997), De Appel contemporary arts centre (*1975), Bajesdorp neighbourhood, De Balie theatre, socio-cultural centre and restaurant (*1982), Boekie Woekie books by artists (*1986), Bologna.cc project space, Butcher's Tears micro-brewery and event venue (*2013), Casco Amsterdam club and café (*2016), Cinetol cultural venue (*2014), EYE film museum (*2010), Filmhuis Cavia (*1983), Framer Framed exhibition space (*2014), Galerie A / Multiples.nl artists' books and photography gallery (*1976), Galerie van Gelder (*1985), ImagineIC, Joe's Garage autonomous socio-political centre (*2005), Kriterion cinema (*1945), Kulter gallery (*2009), Lab111 media café, LAG hacklab (*2013), Lely urban resort (*2017), LIMA (*2013), Lumen Travo (*1985), Marwan artist-run project space (*2016), Mediamatic bio art and tech venue (*1983), De Melkweg music venue and cultural centre (*1970), NASA (*2012), De Nieuwe Anita concert venue (*2005), Nieuw Dakota platform for contemporary art (*2010), OCCII event venue (*1984), OT301 alternative centre (*1999), P/////AKT exhibition space (*2003), Paradiso music venue and cultural centre (*1968), Perdu poetry bookstore (*1984), Plan B gallery (*2006), Plantage Dok & Dokhuis Galerie (*1998), De Punt art and project space (*2014), Rongwrong space for art and theory (*2011), Rozenstraat project space (*2017), De Ruimte concert venue & café restaurant (*2012), San Serriffe art bookshop (*2011), De School multifunctional space (*2016), Spui 25 academic-cultural centre, STEIM studio for electro-instrumental music (*1967), TAAK art center, TAG, Technologia Incognita hackerspace (*2012), Veem House for Performance (*1986), Vondelbunker autonomous centre (*2011), W139 exhibition space (*1979), Waag Society institute for art, science and technology (*1994), West Wednesdays, Zone2Source art/nature/tech exhibition platform (*2014).
Association: MOKER - Verenigde Beeldende Kunstinstellingen Amsterdam (*2019).
Past spaces: Side Room (2014-16), Lost Property gallery (2012-13), Outpost artist-run space (2009-13), Smart Project Space (-2012), NIMk (-2012), Quarantine Series (2003-2004), ASCII hacklab (1999-2006), Desk.nl media lab (1994-96), Montevideo, The Living Room gallery (1981-1993), Other Books and So artist-run bookstore (1975-79) and archive (1979-89), In-Out Center artist space (1972-74), Art & Project gallery (1968-2001).

Initiatives and collectives with no permanent event venue: Adilkno (*1983), European Cultural Backbone (*1999), Future Ruins (*2013), Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam, If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution (*2005), Institute of Network Cultures (*2004), LAPS research institute for art and public space, Neverneverland foundation (*2016), Perdu (*1984), perform doc (*2018), Urban Resort (*2007), xs4all (*1993).
Past initiatives: Redmond intersectional feminist collective (2013-2017), Netband, SKOR (*1999), Hacktic Network (1992-95), Virtueel Platform (1998-2012).

Festivals: DNK Days (2018), Other Futures (2018), Fiber Festival (*2015), Atrabilious Experimental Filmfest (*2015), SOTU (*2012), WhyNot dance & performance festival (*2010), Sonic Acts (*1994).
Past festivals: Interference (2014), Soundart festival (2011), Transnatural (2010-12), ElectroSmog (2010), Victorian Circus (2005-08), Next 5 Minutes (1993-2003), World Wide Video (*1982).
Events: Hackers & Designers (*2013), Where Are We Going, Walt Whitman? (2012-13), Society of the Query conference (2009, 2013), Girl Geek Dinner NL (since 2008), DNK concert series (*2005), Economies of the Commons (*2008), Amsterdam Girl Geek Dinner (*2008), Lost & Found (*1997).
Past events: Making Public conference (2019), Printing Plant: Art Book Fair (2018), As If: The Media Artist as Trickster exhibition (2017), The Society of Post-Control conference (2017), Idiotic Code (2015), Radical Software [1] (2014), Unlike Us (2012), GLI.TC/H (2011), The Art of Hacking exhibition (2011), The Second Act (2011), Amsterdam SuperCollider Users Group (2011), Cinema Clash Continuum conference-festival (2011), Critical Point of View (2010), Urban Screens (2005, 2009), Eclectic Tech Carnival (2008), Walled Garden conference (2008), VX:mission (2008), Video Vortex exhibition (2007-08), Mobile Music Workshop (2007), Culture 2.0 (2007), Recalling RFID (2007), New Network Theory conference (2007), C'lick Me netporn festival (2007), The Art and Politics of Netporn conference (2005), Incommunicado conference (2005), An Archaeology of Imaginary Media (2004), E-Culture Fair 2 (2003), World-Information.Org (2002), E-Culture Fair (2000), Net.Congestion (2000), Tulipomania DotCom conference (2000), That Media Thing 1+2 symposium (1999), Browser Day (1998-2002), P2P Conference (1997), Doors of Perception conference (1993-2002), Wetware Convention (1991), Galactic Hacker Party (1989), Works and Words (1979).

Academy programs: New Media FGw UvA, ArtScience Interfaculty, Visual Arts, Media & Architecture VU.

Art workers: Amran Anjun, André Avelãs, Anja Groten, Anne Helmond, Annet Dekker, Annette Wolfsberger, Arie Altena, Arjen Mulder, Arnisa Zeqo, Bas van Koolwijk, Bernhard Rieder (1976), Cãlin Dan (1955), Christina Della Giustina (1965), Constant Dullaart (1979), Debra Solomon, Donna Metzlar (1969), Elisabeth Klement, Eric Kluitenberg (1965), Erik Borra (1981), Esther Weltevrede, Felicia von Zweigbergk, Gaby Wijers, Geert Lovink (1959), Gert-Jan Prins (1961), Harold Schellinx, Irad Lee, Isabelle Vigier (1963), Ivo Bol, James Beckett (1977), Jan Simons, Jaromil, John Haltiwanger, Jonas Lund, Jonathan Reus, Joost Rekveld (1970), Joris van Hoboken, Josephine Bosma, Juha van 't Zelfde, Karl Klomp (1979), Katja Novitskova (1984), Lonneke van der Velden, Marc Stumpel, Marleen Stikker (1962), Martijn Comes (1979), Martijn Tellinga (1974), Martine Neddam (1953), Martijn van Boven (1977), Matteo Pasquinelli (1974), Michel Waisvisz (1949), Michelle Kasprzak, Ñusta Nina, Olga Sezneva, Paul Keller (1974), Pieter Verbeke, Radboud Mens, Renée Ridgway, Richard Rogers, The Rodina, Rosa Menkman, Seamus Cater, Sebastian Scholz (1977), Sher Doruff, Sjoerd Leijten (1983), Sophie Berrebi (1973), Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Thomas Poell (1973), Tjebbe van Tijen (1944), Vesna Manojlovic, Viljam Nybacka.

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