Thomas McEvilley: The Shape of Ancient Thought: Comparative Studies in Greek and Indian Philosophies (2001)

17 December 2013, dusan

Spanning thirty years of intensive research, this book proves what many scholars could not explain: that today’s Western world must be considered the product of both Greek and Indian thought—Western and Eastern philosophies.

Thomas McEvilley explores how trade, imperialism, and migration currents allowed cultural philosophies to intermingle freely throughout India, Egypt, Greece, and the ancient Near East. This groundbreaking reference will stir relentless debate among philosophers, art historians, and students.

Publisher Allworth Press, with the School of Visual Arts, New York, 2001
ISBN 1581152035, 9781581152036
732 pages

Review (Will S. Rasmussen, Philosophy East and West)
Commentary (David Carrier, Artcritical)
McEvilley talks about his book (video, 34 min)

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PDF (Alt link)

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