Gyorgy Kepes (ed.): The Man-Made Object (1966)

20 March 2014, dusan

Between 1965 and 1966, New York book publisher George Braziller published a six volume series under the title Vision + Value, edited by renowned artist, designer and M.I.T. professor, Gyorgy Kepes.

The aim of the series, “…to stimulate the circulation of ideas, to find channels of communication that interconnect various disciplines and offer us a sense of structure in our 20th century world…,” encouraged interdisciplinary cooperation and sought to bring together the day’s foremost artists, scientists and scholars.

This volume presents a general evaluation of the man-made object as an important environmental factor in the shaping of the mores, feelings, and values. The man-made object, from ornamental trifles to large scale buildings, is here considered not only for its formal and aesthetic aspects, but also for its psychological and sociological impact.

Contributions by Gillo Dorfles, Herbert Read, Joan M. Erikson, Kazuhiko Egawa, Michael J. Blee, Marshall McLuhan, Christopher Alexander, Leonardo Ricci, Marcel Breuer, Theodore M. Brown, Jean Hélion, Henry S. Stone, Jr., Frederick S. Wright, Dore Ashton, Françoise Choay.

Publisher George Braziller, New York, 1966
Vision + Value Series, 5
230 pages

PDF (51 MB, no OCR)

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