Mark Wigley: Constant’s New Babylon: The Hyper-Architecture of Desire (1998)

12 October 2014, dusan

“From 1956 to 1974, the artist Constant Nieuwenhuys worked on a radical proposal for a future architecture. All traces of traditional buildings and social institutions would be abandoned. Everyone would drift through vast labyrinthine interiors and continuously reconstruct the spaces around them to satisfy any desire or stimulate new ones. Architecture becomes a pulsating display of group psychology. This monograph provides the first complete record of the project and includes a selection of texts by Constant and Guy Debord. Published on the occasion of the New Babylon retrospective at Witte de With, Rotterdam, in 1998.”

Publisher Witte de With, and 010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 1998
ISBN 9064503435, 9789064503436
256 pages


PDF (removed on 2018-12-5 upon request of image copyright holder)

2 Responses to “Mark Wigley: Constant’s New Babylon: The Hyper-Architecture of Desire (1998)”

  1. Jian Khoo on December 22, 2018 3:13 am

    I am a postgrad MArch student, currently doing some research on Constant and wanted to revisit some texts however, I have noticed that the pdf link is no longer working for the book – is there any possibility of obtaining the pdf still?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  2. Georges Vantongerloo on December 22, 2018 4:07 pm

    See the last Constant retrospective catalogue. Download FREE.

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