Max Neuhaus: Sound Works, 3 vols. (1994)

1 January 2015, dusan

“Neuhaus’s oeuvre is diverse, ranging from works in the plastic arts, drawings, music, sound walks, communal sound signals, aural spaces composed of communication networks, sound topographies in water, to inventions of sound-producing and dispersing systems and sound applied to problems of urban and personal design. The structure of separate volumes was chosen to clarify: to encompass the oeuvre, while allowing each of its diverse parts to remain distinct on its own ground.

The first volume projects an overview with many voices, including his own. The second articulates some of the issues surrounding his drawings which are unusual partly because of their invisible subject: sound. The third volume contains the works which use sound to transform space into place.” (from the Preface, edited)

Volume I contains texts by Calvin Tomkins, Jean-Christophe Ammann, Carter Ratcliff, John Rockwell, Joan La Barbara, Tom Johnson, Arthur Danto, Wulf Herzogenrath, Harald Szeemann, Alain Cueff, Franz Kaiser, Susanne Weingarten, Denys Zacharopoulos, Doris van Drathen, Germano Celant, interviews with Neuhaus by William Duckworth and Ulrich Loock, and texts and lectures by Neuhaus.

Publisher Cantz, Ostfildern, 1994
ISBN 3893225323
144 & 55 & 79 pages
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Volume I: Inscriptions (29 MB)
Volume II: Drawings (8 MB)
Volume III: Place (6 MB)

See also Max Neuhaus, Evocare l’udibile / Évoquer l’auditif, 1995.

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