Audiovisual Thinking journal, No. 1: What is Academic Video? (2010)

21 September 2010, dusan

Audiovisual Thinking is the world’s first journal of academic videos about audiovisuality, communication and media. The journal is a pioneering forum where academics and educators can articulate, conceptualize and disseminate their research about audiovisuality and audiovisual culture through the medium of video.

International in scope and multidisciplinary in approach, the purpose of Audiovisual Thinking is to develop and promote academic thinking in and about all aspects of audiovisuality and audiovisual culture.

Advised by a board of leading academics and thinkers in the fields of audiovisuality, communication and the media, the journal seeks to set the standard for academic audiovisual essays now and in the future.

Audiovisual Thinking. The Journal of Academic Videos
Contact: Inge Ejbye Sørensen, University of Copenhagen
Editorial board: Thommy Eriksson, Oranit Klein Shagrir, Inge Sørensen, Petri Kola, Sanna Marttila
Advisory board: Ib Bondebjerg, John Thornton Caldwell, Lily Díaz


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