Gilles Deleuze: What Is Grounding? (1956-57/2015) [FR, EN]

25 May 2015, dusan

What is Grounding? is Gilles Deleuze’s first seminar, and is distinguished in that, rather than “taking an author from behind and giving him a child that would be his offspring, yet monstrous”, the work focuses instead on the question of grounding, defined both as “the sufficient reason for concrete entities”, and “the point of departure for philosophy”, in translator Arjen Kleinherenbrink’s terms. Rather than foregrounding method, in which human subjective experience remains primary, here Deleuze affirms the centrality of system, of things and the relations between things.”

Translated, introduced, and annotated by Arjen Kleinherenbrink
Edited by Tony Yanick, Jason Adams & Mohammad Salemy
Publisher &&& Publishing, Grand Rapids, MI, 2015
Mémoires involontaire series, 1
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
ISBN 9780692454541
185 pages


Qu’est-ce que fonder? (French, 1956-57, HTML)
What is Grounding? (English, 2015, PDF)

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