William C. Wees: Recycled Images: The Art and Politics of Found Footage Films (1993)

28 July 2015, dusan

An important film-theoretical work, especially significant for its attempt to delimit the phenomenon of found footage film.

Includes condensed commentary from author’s 1991 informal interviews with North American filmmakers who have made extensive use of found footage: Craig Baldwin, Abigail Child, Bruce Conner, David Rimmer, Keith Sanborn, Chick Strand, and Leslie Thornton.

Published in conjuction with the Anthology Film Archives’ May 1993 survey of found footage and collage films.

Publisher Anthology Film Archives, New York City, 1993
ISBN 0911689192, 9780911689198
117 pages
via Alex Costa

Commentary: Pierre Rannou (Esse, 2008).


PDF (32 MB)

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