Braco Dimitrijević: Tractatus Post-Historicus (1976/2009) [EN, DE]

26 December 2015, dusan

Tractatus Post-Historicus (1976), a philosophical manifesto about the idea of “post history,” as well as other early writings including Why I Paint Like Pollock (1972), are newly reprinted in this comprehensive publication by and about conceptual artist Braco Dimitrijević. His works are accompanied by accessible commentary by leading critics and curators, including Nicolas Bourriaud, Dan Cameron, Lóránd Hegyi, Jean-Hubert Martin, Catherine Millet, Achille Bonito Oliva, and others, as well as extensive reproductions of the artist’s visual works and installations, in particular his ongoing Casual Passer-By series (1971-). Working furtively in urban spaces saturated with messages of advertising and cultural industry, the artist hopes to transform and restructure the meaning of public images by inhabiting and defunctionalizing them. As with his work in general, he seeks to create another space, a counter-model to dominant thought, one that creates not just a reversal in meaning but also a rupture in perception.”

Edited by Aaron Levy
Publisher Slought Books, Philadelphia, and University of Pennsylvania, 2009
Contemporary Theory series, 3
ISBN 9780981540955
263 pages


PDF (6 MB, from publisher)

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