Superflex: Tools (2003)

22 May 2016, dusan

Tools is a publication conceived as a workbook with examples and instructions as to how the SUPERFLEX tools might be used. The first section – primarily image based with brief texts – examines some of SUPERFLEX’s projects. The second part is a collection of essays presenting various reflections on tools and their users written by Doris Berger, Charles Esche, Mika Hannula, Andreas Spiegl and Barbara Steiner. The third section focus’s on SUPERFLEX’s activities and the people involved.”

Edited by Babara Steiner in collaboration with Superdesign
Designed by Rasmus Koch
Publisher Verlag Der Büchhandlung Walther König, Cologne, 2003
ISBN 3822877433, 9783822877432
290 pages
via Superflex


PDF (10 MB)

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