Notes from Nowhere (eds.): We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism (2003)

20 January 2011, dusan

“In 1994, indigenous Zapatista rebels emerged from the rainforest shouting “Ya Basta” in defiance of the birth of the North American Free Trade Agreement. This band of women and men rekindled a radical resistance movement that was to inspire a whole new generation. From urban street reclaimers in London and land squatters in Brazil, to Indian farmers protesting GM crops and the Italian White Overall Movement, spontaneous uprisings found a shared enemy—global capital.

As events swept from Chiapas to Seattle, Genoa to Bangalore, and summits have been wreathed in tear gas, the new movement has matured into a massive political force—flexible, strategic, and able to resist and adapt to increasingly brutal responses by various states. The editors of this celebratory publishing project have been on the frontline of the movement, working as activists and writers, story chasers and documentarians. A mixture of critical analysis and art book, agitprop, inspirational document, and DIY manual, We Are Everywhere combines innovative graphic design and photographs with texts and interviews with activists, creating a lively, polyphonic insight into the ideas and activities of the movements against capitalism.

Notes from Nowhere is an editorial collective: Katharine Ainger, Graeme Chesters, Tony Credland, John Jordan, Andrew Stern, and Jennifer Whitney are activists and writers, designers, and photographers who were variously involved in the actions in Seattle, documenting movements of the Global South, Reclaim the Streets in the UK, and the Indymedia network.”

Publisher Verso, London, 2003
ISBN 1859844472, 9781859844472
521 pages


PDF (updated on 2021-1-24)

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